Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mary Worth 1,551

Well, Toby's out. I wish we could have seen her scary encounter with Mother Kinley: "Welcome to Charterstone. You'll find it's really friendly here. Can I find someone to wash your windows for you? Have you had dinner with Mary yet?"

"Go on, go tell her she'll not be appeasing her ugly appetite with ME... Blondie! Or do I have to tell her because you don't have the guts! Huh, Blondie? You have the guts, Blondie?"

(My apologies to Alfred Hitchcock.)

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Tony said...

Too bad. Ian's encounter with Elinor might have been worth the price of admission.

Dave in Parma said...

Meanwhile, as Mary stands between her 'Bride of Frankenstein' (it's Frankenschtein!) electrical conducting towers, Toby mentions that as much as she'd love to be a part of the train wreck of a dinner, she has a life and plans to go with it.


The real question is if the Saturday dinner will actually occur THIS Saturday.

KitKat said...

Since Mary is wearing the same clothes she wore when she first encountered the Kinleys, I'm assuming this is the same day. (I realize assuming anything about the Worthiverse is dicey.) If so, either Toby had a fast but memorable meeting with the "scary" Elinor or she is lying to get out of dinner. "Oh yeah, Ian and I have plans. I'm washing my hair, and he's washing his beard." Memo to Tom Harpman: Don't answer your phone! Don't answer the door if anyone knocks! Hide!

Ian's Beard Lice said...


That's pretty rich coming from a woman who spends her time doing bad clown paintings.

Nance said...

Mary's decor is mid-century modern, isn't it? Isn't that kind of considered trendy and desirable now?

I won't second-guess any Plans of Toby's. Remember, it was a Prior Engagement that kept Mary from attending Eleanor Dill's funeral.

Probably everyone at Charterstone is in the Witness Protection Program. Ask no questions, they'll tell you no lies....

Anonymous said...

"Who else can I invite? The Alloras? No, I just saw Mr. Allora being driven away in an ambulance.
Who else??? Think, Mary, think!"

fauxprof said...

Failing Toby and Ian as buffer dinner guests, You'd think that Dr. Jeff would be a likely possibility--except that he only seems to eat with Mary at the Bum Boat. He's encountered her cooking before.

OK, Tom Harpman, you're up! Looks like the much anticipated "meet cute" between Tom and Beth will turn out to be a "meet dull".

Mary said...

Every time Toby turns up in Mary's kitchen or walks with Mary on a trail in Santa Royale's varied landscape, I think, "Geez, doesn't Toby have anything better to do than hang out with a meddling old lady?"

Turns out she DOES have something better to do. Funny, that doesn't make me hate her any less.

JustSayin' said...

Mary is just giddy with the possibilities of this encounter! She smells at least a 'two-fer'. She'll gnaw her way to the root of Elinor's hostile prickliness and encourage Beth's blossoming into a new woman freed from the albatross of an elderly mother draining her of her life's energy. And if she can bring Tom Harpsichord into the plot, she'll prove to the world her dominance in the fine art of meddling.

Anonymous said...

I am eagerly awaiting a long overdue dinner appearance from Chin Napkin.

Dave in Parma said...

Saturday at Dinner:

Mary: "Dawn, er, beth--this is Tom Harpman.

Tom Harpman: (sneezes into hand, then extends it to shake Beth's hand)

And the romance was dead before it began.

Maude Findlay said...

With apologies to The Turtles-

(For younguns who don't know any Turtles other than Teenage Mutant Ninjas, click here- http://youtu.be/JeAtre3Bxg8 )

You got a snarl about you
I just can't live without you
I really like you, Elinor Kinley

Your sneer intoxicates me
Even though you just hate me
There's no one like you, Elinor Kinley

Elinor, gee I think you're swell
Even Wilbur Weston fell
For your glaring looks, et cetera

Elinor, I will take the time
To just let you to speak your mind
About how I could do better

I think your gray hair's groovy
Let's go out to a movie
I'll pay for popcorn, Elinor, can we?

They'll turn the lights way down low
You can complain about the show
I think I love you, Elinor Kinley

Elinor, gee I think you're swell
Toby's jealous, I can tell
You caught Ian's eye, et cetera

Elinor, can you take the time
To let poor Beth just grow a spine
By the way, I love your sweater!

Elinor, gee I think you're swell ah-hah
Elinor, gee I think you're swell ah-hah

Anonymous said...

Bravo Maude Finlay!

Dave in Parma said...

Stellar lyrics Maude for one of the more promising characters to hit the strip since Jill Black!

heydave said...

If only Maude could put those powers to good... but snark really works!

meg said...

Toby: Nope, going to paint Ian wearing a tartan clown suit that night.

Dr. Jeff: Nope, gonna hold down a bar stool at the Bum Boat that night.

Wilbur: Will there be sandwiches?

Dawn: lalalalalacan'thearyoulalala

Mr. Allora: NOOOOOO!!!

Tom: Will there be chicken soup?

fauxprof said...

Maude, you rule, girl! You have repurposed the soundtrack of my late adolescence.