Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mary Worth 1,581

Maybe this is why Tom Harpman's wife left him. Tom Harpman just dropped Nicholas Sparks' name into a regular conversation. After I Googled him, I asked my 18 year old daughter who Nicholas Sparks is and even she didn't know, and she thought The Notebook was a great movie. Tom Harpman needs some Man Lessons.

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Anonymous said...

Never mind Nicholas Sparks. The mention of Rachael Ray in the same conversation as healthy cuisine is enough to make your head spin.

Have you ever seen her recipes? They are loaded with fat, cheese, and meat. On second thought, perhaps Beth should feed that crap to her Mom and end it all sooner.

Peggy Olson said...

The mention of Rachael Ray reminded me of a recent magazine cover. Who says that commas aren't important?

Rachael Ray
finds inspiration
in cooking
her family and
her dog

Wanders, I'm proud to be a card-carrying contributor of MWAM!

KitKat said...

I expect that tossing around the names of Nicholas Sparks and Rachael Ray is Karen Moy's failed attempt to show that she is savvy with popular culture. Anonymous at 7:58 AM, if Beth is serious about wanted to bump off Elinor with her cooking, she should use Paula Deen's recipes. Perhaps she could sprinkle Rachael's Nutrish on top for extra crunch and a shinier coat.

Beth's celery (?) has been trying to escape all week and is about to leap out of the bag. Anyone who says "I make all kinds of cuisine!" deserves to be attacked by celery.

Dave in Parma said...

I think Tom Harpman left his man card on the checkout counter at Food Team while paying.

And he name drops Rachel Ray?! Not Chef Pierre?

Gina said...

"I make all kinds of cuisine! And I speak all kinds of English!"

Nance said...

Even Yoda is confounded by this dialogue.

Not the Cake said...

Wouldn't a little conversation about why Beth never returned Tom's calls be the first thing they talk about instead of Beth's healthy, celery cuisine?

Shmoopie said...

OK, time to confess. English is not my native language, but I've lived in the US long enough and worked hard enough to acquire the necessary skills to communicate without sounding like an alien. Ms. Moy, seriously, what planet are you from?
Excuse me now while I go and prepare some kind of kelk-based, blob-shaped cuisine.

Maude Findlay said...

Characters in this strip always sound as if they're really socially awkward or speaking in some sort of code. It reminds me of how Norman Bates in ''Psycho'' would speak.

''Do you like asparagus?''

''Not inordinately. I favor more healthful cuisine.''

Anonymous said...

To KitKat:

I agree, Miss Paula's buttery goodness could help. Nutrish might be good for crunch, but Rach likes to tell us that evoothatsextravirginoliveoil is best for a shiny coat.

Regardless, Beth should try all of it.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

From a recent Karen Moy Interview: "I make all kinds of writing but I tend toward strips of comics. I can demonstrate my skills for you one of these days if you want."

Carlye said...

Beth: Who said I wanted to be Nicholas Sparks? I was aiming for Danielle Steele!

Ben said...

I was hoping she would say she makes cake and is hoping to enter the Santa Royale cake-bake contest

Sandi Ego said...

Did Tom always have the second bag of groceries he's using to push open the door?