Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mary Worth 1,649

Well, the Pax Women's Prison is getting it's group therapy session going. While they get started, let's look at some pictures I found of spas. I've always wondered what a spa looked like.



Oh, wait, the last one is from a women's prison.

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Marge said...

Love the pictures! Especially the last one. I'm as likely to be there as at any of the others.

Anonymous said...

Actually that empty chair sort of looks like an "electric" chair, doesn't it? Do the inmates get to vote on who gets fried?

Carlye said...

I always wondered how you get into a tub surrounded by candles without burning your butt. Or am I being too practical?

Dave in Parma said...

Ok, a 'talk group' would not be new to Mary; a 'listen group' might be.

I briefly checked in to read MW on Wednesday while on vacation and was disturbed to see the desert speed walk and water gulping scene, coupled with the Sound of Music reference. It drove me back off the grid for a few days.

The funny thing is that when I mentioned the oddness of the panel (yes, I need more hobbies), she mentioned that the same song was running through her head as she ran through the woods and foothills in the PA park we visited. Apparently can also plant thoughts, needing no interweb or cell connection. Very disturbing on many levels.

meg said...

Monday's strip: John Dill is in da (big) house!

Peggy Olson said...

Meg: I thought the same thing! John Dill is really a female criminal. What was his offense -- indecent cake decorating?

Look at Mary in the second panel. She's gripping her hands, willing herself not to blurt out the first comment. John Dill won't be able to finish his comment!

Wanders: The spa photos were perfect!

KitKat said...

Wanders, your series of photos for yesterday is hilarious - thanks!

The guy today looks like a beefier John Dill. Now that he's hit the cake design big time, he's using performance-enhancing drugs to give him an edge in competitions. Just think about it - John Dill and A-Rod are both in NYC.

Anyone immediately raising a hand and offering to share at something like this is up to no good. People usually shift uncomfortably in their chairs and avoid eye contact in creepy situations like this.