Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mary Worth 1,660

I've stopped trying to reconcile Mary Worth with reality. Fitting this stip into the world as I know it is like fitting a salmon square into a round hole. And that's the beauty of it. I suppose it is why I love Mary Worth.

So, cry your tears, Shannon. Aggi is out for revenge and your manager has no idea if you are a good employee or a bad employee. If only someone had seen that you only offered your opinion to be of help. Perhaps they could come to your defense.

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Muscato said...

God help me, I'm longing for the good old days when there were fast-paced storylines about cake-baking and mysteriously armless strangers.

The idea that we once sat on the edge of our chairs even over things like Elinor's disposition seems so far, far away.

Kill me now, and leave me in that cursed, gull-infested desert...

Secret Message Lover said...

Wanders, where's the secret message today? You always do such a fantastic job with them! (Since Shannon was only trying to help, I thought I'd criticize a bit.)

Anonymous said...

Shannon's miraculous blouse changes from panel to panel are amazing (you have to click on the "buy a print" button to see the first panel).

Doesn't Giella notice what he's coloring with his Crayolas?

TeacherPatti said...

Shannon, girl, you need yourself a union. UNITE yoga instructors/therapists of the world, UNITE!!!!

Vicki said...

This is strike number TWO on Shannon! (Number one was complaints to management about resort guests having to haul their mattresses to Yoga class. You could say she's on "thin ice" except this is Arizona so I guess you'd have to say "cactus needles" instead. Anyway, Shannon is in a heap o'trouble!

Anonymous said...
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Jack Worth said...

What do you suppose the annual meeting at King Features is like?

KM and JG are in the lavish conference room. Eating scallops wrapped in bacon or perhaps drinking a small apéritif when the slightly tipsy head of distribution comes over and says:

"So, Karen, what have you got planned for us this year?"

Karen says: "Well this year we are going to have a huge murder mystery that will involve most of our characters, one of the older gentlemen is going to relive the horrors of war in a thought provoking psychological way, several characters are going to have life altering experiences after one young person will die, and donate her organs to the others who are in need!"

Joe then leans into Karen and says: "But Karen, you write Mary Worth."

"Oh right...Mary Worth. the first part of the year she will go the store and buy a blouse, and gives advice to a lonely sales girl. 6 maybe 7 months of stroy. She then gets home only to learn the Toby bought the same blouse! This rocks their friendship for, like 3 months, then she returns the blouse and stops to the grocery store on the way home and meddles in the life of the produce manager and eats and banana! I see a tie in with the Chaquita people and we spend the rest of the year talking about how seniors get enough potassium!"

REALLY DRUNK EXECUTIVE: "Are you serious? If I was sober I'd never approve that...but just like evey year since 2003, today is your lucky day. Write on Karen. Write on. Can someone get me
another vodka stinger?"

Anonymous said...

We all thought MW was going to meddle the guests of Pax. Oh no. She is going to meddle with the management and change the operations of Pax to her liking.

birdie said...

This goes to show that nobody, NOBODY, but Mary Worth is qualified to give advice.

She does like Shannon though, which is why she is willing to launch that rock missile at Shannon's enemies if Shannon just gives the word.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic video!!!