Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mary Worth 1,672

Shannon has a hard job. It's harder than it looks to get people to relax on yoga mattresses and talk in circles.

Oh, and you know who else has a hard job? These folks.

I'd post others, but I'm eating breakfast.

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KitKat said...

Thanks for the much-needed jolt of reality, Wanders.

Is Shannon happy that Mary is happy that Shannon is keeping her job?

Meanwhile, in the second panel, a newly slim Aggie, who's taken Pax's Extreme Yoga classes and bought a wig online, does her best to make a new friend.

Elaine said...

Don't minimize Shannon's struggles! She has to work hard to not butt in where she's not wanted! It's tough being an armchair psychologist with nowhere to practice.

Elaine said...

Hahahaha not to publicize another blog, but check out the comics curmudgeon today - great logo for Pax!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Wanders, for ruining my breakfast. But it was worth it! I just hope I can forget that armpit photo before dinner tonight.

Nance said...

1. Are Mary and Shannon on a date? The first panel has definite Romantic Overtones to it, and in the featured panel, Barbie in the party dress and Ken in the tuxedo appear to be dancing.

2. In what way is Mary's response even marginally related to what Shannon said?

3. I thought Shannon was a YOGA INSTRUCTOR.

heydave said...

I would say we're watching a dead horse being beaten, but obviously the ol' nag is still twitching.

But, please, make it stop!

vw: onsoff... bitter irony it is

TeacherPatti said...

Wanders, thank you for pointing out the crappy, difficult jobs out there. People sometimes say to me "OMG you have such a hard job!!" No, not really. I spend my days with kids, go home clean (unless I happen to have someone blow their nose on me) and spend summers off. Hard jobs would be plumbers, coal miners, ditch diggers, etc. And those folks should get paid a lot more but that's another discussion.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget how difficult Moy's job is. It can't be easy to write the same thing 50 different ways.

r u ok? said...

Everyone needs to view this wonderful sharing circle warning sign:


Chester the Dog said...

I just can't get over what a wierd resort PAX is. I bet the Addams Family spends their summers here.