Friday, October 11, 2013

Mary Worth 1,697

"And then afterwords, we can drop off Drew in California and go for drinks in Paris."

"I'm sorry, Jeff, but Shelly is getting a trophy and thanking me at the ceremony. That could take at least until February. Let's plan something for March. Maybe April."

Oh, how Mary loves spending time with Jeff.

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Nance said...

Jeff: Well, at least we have tonight. This cruise at sunset has been romantic, and now, a nice dinner at the Bum Boat and--

Mary: Oh, Jeff. I'm so sorry. I have to take a rain check on dinner. I need to get home and pack. Dear Old Shelly Cohen is really anxious that I come as quickly as possible. My flight leaves in two hours.

Jeff: Oh. Well, I'll drive you to the airport, then!

Mary: Thank you, no. Mr. Allora has agreed to do that. In fact, he's already waiting at the dock to take me home. See there? Wave at him.

Jeff: Oh. I'll head in then. Goodbye Mary. Have fun in New York.

Mary: Thank you. I will. It will be such an honor. Enjoy Tokyo. Or...India? I must go.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What's weirder in this I just don't know: the unrelenting tendency of Jeff to seek out rejection or the nonsensical premise that someone would invite a friend to spend "a month or two" with them.

Thorpnotized said...

Let's all say, "Bye-bye" to Jeff. A month or two means we won't be seeing him until 2014.

Chester the Dog said...

Perhaps, while in New York, Mary will meet Karen Moy on the street!

Anonymous said...

@Nance: LOL!!
@Thorpnotized: More likely 2015.
Poor Jeff...this whole interchange between the two of them can't help but remind me of Wanders' "I'm Cute!" video (which was really cute BTW). Just substitute the word "Special" for "Cute"...the results - not so cute..
M: No, I'M special!
J: I'm special, I'm special, I'm special!! I'm special?
M: NO, I'M...SPECIAL!!!!!
And so, this sorry excuse of a relationship goes on and on... Ugh.

Imogene said...

Are Charterstone Matters just supposed to take care of themselves for a month or two? This seems very irresponsible of Mary...

Duckduck Goose said...

She's as wild as a whip of hair blowin'
Restless like a speedboat runnin' free
When she touched her face he knew his heart would be broken
She was gonna leave, that's the cowboy guarantee

That night we got together
We cruised the sunset sea
and later at our Bumboat
She took my heart from me
But you can't moor a speedboat
For long in its berth
And it's worth all the hurtin'
To be loved by Mary Worth

Cheverly said...

Oh, wait, they're still on the boat? I thought they had gotten back in the car. Does Joe know that the inside of a boat doesn't look exactly like the inside of a car?

Muscato said...

A month or two in New York? Looks like we might as well call off next summer's pool parties right now, 'cause we're not going to see Charterstone until halfway through the next administration...

Peggy Olson said...

Thanks, Duckduck Goose. Mary has inspired you to poetic heights.

And she's inspired Jeff to travel halfway around the world. You know, we all feel sorry for Jeff, but maybe he's more shrewd than we know. He proposes half-heartedly every few months and extends an invitation to Vietnam at the very last moment.

Could it be that Jeff is stringing Mary along - and not the other way around?

Vicki said...

Shelly in the very near future: "Mary, dear, I realize I asked you to stay with me 'a month or two', but quite frankly I'm already tired of you. I've made arrangements for you to fly to Vietnam."