Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mary Worth 1,695

The audacity, Jeff, to ask Mary to drop everything to go running off to Vietnam with you and Drew! Don't you know how busy she is? What with her rose garden, volunteer duty at the hospital and Charterstone matters? Mary's run off to New York twice before... without Jeff. Arizona... without Jeff. And now, New York again... without Jeff. Perhaps Snoopy said it best...

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Peggy Olson said...

Thanks for the Snoopy quote, Wanders! Let's hope Jeff finds a more appreciative traveling partner in Vietnam.

Perhaps Jeff could write to Ask Wendy for advice. "Dear Wendy, my matronly Significant Other keeps rejecting my marriage proposals and vacation invitations. Do you think she's trying to tell me something?"

heydave said...

Oh Jeff, of course we spend time together, you listening to me and all. But I need others to listen to me, too. Now stay out of my thought clouds until I call you back in.

Nance said...

Panel Two: Jeff asks why the name "Shelly Cohen" sounds so familiar. Now we'll get a two-day explanation from MW to serve as our exposition. Maybe we'll get a flashback narration and some drawings of MW as a younger woman?

Probably not.

Guesses as to the occupation of DO Shelly Cohen?

1. Nurse
2. Seamstress
3. Nanny
4. Housekeeper
5. Writer

Certainly nothing that screams 21st century.

fauxprof said...

At the rate at which MW progresses (glacially) the visit to Shelley Cohen will neatly coincide with the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah conjunction this year. Or is that giving Moy too much credit?

Thorpnotized said...

Wasn't Jeff supposed to say, "Shelly? ...Shelly Cohen?"

NonnyMus said...

That Jeff is always going off script!

I love this storyline because Mary had planned to spend more time with Jeff. I guess it's only on her terms!

(or maybe we're supposed to feel sorry for her because she planned to spend more time with Jeff and he's leaving. Or maybe we're supposed to admire her stoicism. I don't know; I'm too busy laughing).

birdie said...

I hope Jeff does meet a nice Vietnamese woman, one who will care about their relationship. He's been pathetically strung along by Mary for much too long.

Does Mary have a strand of hair out of place, or is she sprouting a horn?

Doug said...

I suggest that any "couple" that plans these kind of trips without at least keeping the the other person in the loop is not a real couple.

Say, I'm heading off to Vietnam next week. Would you like to come with me? (Please say no Please say no Please say no Please say no Please say no Please say no)

No, I'll be going to New York to catch up with Shelly Cohen. You have fun in Vietnam. (Vietnam, again? That place was disgusting!)

Ah, that's too bad. Have a nice visit with Shelly Cohen. (Whew! Thank you, Shelly Cohen, whoever the heck you are!)

See ya, later, I guess?

Yeah, I'll catch up with you. Maybe I'll text you when I get back from Vietnam.

KitKat said...

Jeff recalls reading about Shelly Cohen when she was convicted of poisoning her husband. We all remember the late Morrie Cohen. Shelly was just released from prison and contacted her friend Dear Old Mary Worth.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

I belive that Shelly Cohen is known in some circles as the go to K'vatterin.

Duckduck Goose said...

I love Good Ol' Charlie Brown, but Mary is a cowboy. She must act alone, enter each new story alone, independent and free.
Mary might be Snoopy... as the WW1 Flying Ace.

Anonymous said...

Do they have English TV in Viet Nam? Because that's what Jeff is going to be doing - sitting in a hotel room every night staring at the tube since Mary isn't coming along.

Dave in Parma said...

I think good Dr. Jeff is using reverse psychology to get Mary to NOT join him on the trip. The more he asks her to join, the less likely she is to actually join him.

Well played Dr. Jeff!

I too wonder About Shelly Cohen's occupation. Perhaps he's a plastic surgeon; that would explain the faces we see morphing from frame to frame.

Anonymous said...

@Doug has it right: what kind of couple doesn't share these kinds of travel ideas with one another before actually MAKING the plans?!? So for the entire time Mary was at Pax Rehab, she didn't even text her 'beloved' even once? This is just silly.

Then again, why do I keep expecting anything in the Worthiverse to resemble anything like real life? My mistake. Carry on.

Nance said...

I hope Duckduck Goose stays on as a commenter here forever. I almost gave myself a migraine, laughing over his assertion that, "Mary is a cowboy."

This has to be the only time and place in the singular history of Mary Worth that this sentence has been proclaimed.

Thank you, Duckduck Goose. You are my Hero today.

Peggy Olson said...

Doug, from now on whenever Jeff speaks to Mary, I'll hear his inner voice say, "Please say no, please say no, please say no."

Hilarious - and probably very true!

Vicki said...

Ah, these two jetsetting kids! Hope Jeff remembers to pack his broad spectrum antibiotics.

BTW, is this the "dear NY friend" Mary so dutifully called but was rather flippant with on the anniversary of 9/11, whilst knocking back a few mojitos by the pool?

Shelly Cohen is her one token Jewish friend. Probably was working in Jack's building when he jumped, and her floor collected money and they sent flowers or something.

jennahrationex said...

October 10, 2013

Dr. Jeff's face crumples in abject misery as Mary natters on about her upcoming involvement in DO Shelly Cohen's MAJOR AWARD. (Intentional reference to Ralphie's father's lamp in A Christmas Story.)

Can anyone receive adulation for anything in the Worthiverse without crediting Mary somehow? Peace Village probably has a wing dedicated to Mary.