Monday, November 11, 2013

Mary Worth 1,719

As Shelly, in her vestments, leads the little minions in prayer to Mary Worth, it is reassuring to note that this crazy new religion doesn't have many followers based on the number of empty chairs.

P.S. Could someone please explain panel 2 to me?

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Vince said...

It seems odd that the audience seems to be clapping continuously while Shelly is speaking.

Gina said...

As I understand it, Mary's thinking that if not for Mary, Mary wouldn't be here today.

KitKat said...

Wanders, Mary is practicing her C. Montgomery Burns impression:

So DOSC needs her name on her iPad so she remembers who she is?

Nance said...

@Gina--Right you are. Wanders, forgive me, but "duh."

Muscato said...

I can't tell you how much I wish this gala were taking place on the Unita del Mare.

fauxprof said...

In all those big gray books she reads, has Mary never encountered the concept of hubris? She seems to be congratulating herself for being the wonderful Mary Worth, and if not for herself, she would not be there being thanked for her wonderfulness.

Darn, now I've made myself dizzy.

Elaine said...
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meg said...

For the benefit of Shelly C, there is great festivity
At the Waldorf tonight
General Grant (or is it Karl Marx?),the great Mandrake, and the late Bert Parks-
All are there, and security is tight.

Men in string ties, ladies in gowns, by far the suavest event in town,
(only Shelly C is casually dressed.)
Her speech is short and to the point, it's Mary Worth she will anoint
As muse for her philanthropic quest.

Dear Mary, it is getting late, now it's time for you to donate
A generous sum.
But Mary doesn't take the hint, she's the very worst skinflint,
And so she humiliates her chum.

Says Mary, Shelly, I told you twice, I'll give my very best advice,
But I won't give a cent.
And didn't I give you that beautiful purse? With that dear Shelly uttered a curse,
'Twas was the end of the great event.

Moy and Giella assure the public
Their comic strip will be second to none,
But of course, it's all about Mary Worth.

(With abject apologies to Lennon and McCartney.)

Anonymous said...

Mary's thought bubble suggests the idiom, 'What goes around comes around', but in the spirit of her own mind which is best expressed in another idiom, 'All roads lead to Rome'.

I imagine a similar thought-exchange taking place between Mary and Aldo at Aldo's funeral, which Mary would not have attended had Aldo not been there.

- Duckduckurus of Goose

Elaine said...

Wanders, I read that second panel and was hoping that YOU'D be explaining it to US!

heydave said...

"NOW!" thinks Mary. "Now I make my move!"

..or something...

Toots McGee said...

Does the Waldorf cater their own banquets or did Promise Haven hire out the job to Snow Balls and Tiny Goblets, Ltd.?

Does Shelley have to juggle now, or do some ol' soft shoe? Did they hire a band, like the Cowsills or Bent Fabric? Will there be a Yankee Swap? Bachelor Auction? Complimentary champagne shooters?

Is Mary trying to tell us that she willed herself into being?

So many questions to contemplate. Just another Mary Monday.

Maude Findlay said...

Brava, meg!

Thorpnotized said...

If Mary had not pointed DOSC on her path, she would not be there accepting her award, so neither would Mary. It's kind of like "It's A Wonderful Life"...

CLARENCE: "Harry's dead, George.
GEORGE: "No, no, that can't be true! He's a war hero!
CLARENCE: "Everyone on that cargo ship died. You weren't there to save Harry, George, and he wasn't there to save them."

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Althougn it wasn't at the Waldorf, it kind of reminds me of a recent PTA awards dinner I went to except the attendeance and enthusiasm were better.

meg said...

Thanks, Maude- an idle mind is the devil's Worthshop.

heydave said...

@meg: *rimshot*

greenmtngirl said...

I've been a floral designer for 10+ years and I have never seen a centerpiece like that one. However, Snowballs were my mom's favorite treat, so Toots McGee, you must be right!

Vicki said...

I love the tiny clapping hands on the one guy. (It reminds me of the Lawrence Welk skit on SNL featuring the singing ladies from the "Finger Lakes" area of NY.) In fact, this charity function should have rented a bubble machine for DOSC!!
It would have added some class to the pink-draped Waldorf and made Mary feel extra special. I guess the Hostess snowballs were the limit of the staff's creativity.
That lady in back looks bored out of her mind, lol.

Andrew said...

Panel 2, Mary with her hands in "Excellent" mode. Is fantasizing what her statue will be made of, "Platinum? Pure solid gold?" while John Dill sits across from her for some unexplained reason.