Monday, April 21, 2014

Mary Worth 1798

As dear reader Birdie pointed out in yesterday's comments, Sunday's throwaway panel was a warning to us all.

Thankfully, today, Mary is ready to save us from perpetual ennui.

Who's up for a little action Mary Worth style?

Today's Full Strip


Muscato said...

Good heavens - someone get Mary to a chiropractor, stat! If she waits any longer, her head will be resting in a valley down between her shoulders. That its already nearly twice its normal dimensions is a problem I don't quite know how to approach...

KitKat said...

Mary is so frustrated with Iris, she broke the handle off her teacup and is preparing to toss the tea in Iris's face. "No, Iris...wake up and smell the teabag!"

My PYNAR word is "ychowng liver," which is what Mary's making for dinner today. She'll invite Iris and Tommy - that should get him off the couch (and into the ER at Mountainview Hospital).

Nance said...

Mary's digs are looking decidedly more shabby these days. Charterstone is in dire need of a makeover, stat.

The most ably drawn item in today's strip is the muffins, I'm sad to say. Let's move this thing outside where we can see some seagulls.

LouiseF said...

Odd difference between reading MW online vs. in the daily paper...My home-delivered newspaper yesterday had all of the faces in Mary Worth rendered in--GREEN. Decidedly horror/gothic style. . .Can't imagine that Giella would have made a conscious decision to illustrate this way, despite his fondness for tan glop food and matching orchid or rose outfits. Since our local paper went to an abbreviated print schedule, who knows WHERE they keep the ink for the comics? Apparently in an effort to get the paper out on time, someone seized the green ink and next thing you know, Mary and Iris look like Martian versions of themselves. Wonder if anyone else who gets the Plain Dealer (serves Cleveland) noticed this.... Maybe it's just me. ..

fauxprof said...

It would appear that Mary has a plan in mind for Tommy. Will she suggest that he get off the couch and do a little volunteer work, say, at Mountview? Now if Dawn Weston is still involved with her volunteer program (for TEENS!, remember?), then we are set up for a classic "meet cute".

Toots McGee said...

Mary's neck is trying to swallow her head.

Dave in Parma said...

The 'go on forever' panel, an obvious reference to Mary's counselling/meddling session with Iris, is a strong early candidate for panel of the year in my opinion.

heydave said...

Pardon me, but hasn't it already gone on forever?

meg said...
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meg said...

Tommy at the Mountview

It was extremely boring at the hospital that day,
The volunteers were wearing puce, and all the books were gray.
And when Boss Mary failed to show, and Toby did the same,
Waves of ennui swept the teens; their attitudes were lame.

But then the girls' pierced noses all commenced to quiver,
And down their slouching spines moved a collective shiver.
For right in front of all their glassy narrowed eyes
Appeared a blond Adonis with muscled arms and thighs.

His center-parted hair swung in a stylish bob,
His smartly faded blue jeans were not those of a slob.
A tight orange tee-shirt revealed a six-pack underneath,
And he smiled at all the sullen teens with blueberry- studded teeth.

The teens all looked at him with snarling curled-up lips,
(It was obvious that each of them had shoulders full of chips).
But when he said "Hey, my name is Tommy Beedie",
All the girls began to snicker, but one said, "Hello, Sweetie!"

"I'm Wilbur Weston's daughter-he's your mother's former dude.
Please forgive my so-called friends for being very rude."
And Tommy gazed into her eyes, and they exchange high fives.
Then he and Dawn went forward, and ruined their parents' lives.

r u ok? said...

I think it's time for an intervention with Tommy. Then he can get stoned and drive off a cliff. Problem solved.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

@meg: Love it! Now I'd like to see it. But I think this scene with Mary and Iris really will go on forever. (Wouldn't you know, I love that, too!)

Anonymous said...

Iris has a cup of steaming something growing out of her left arm and some kind of flipper something growing out of her right. Tommy is the least of her problems right now.

TimK said...

Okay, I happened to scroll to a crucial point in today's panel above obscuring the top line of text. It just needs one comma to make sense and change the meaning completely:

"Mary, that Tommy has stopped looking for a job."
"Time to take action."
"Tell me about tough love..."