Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Jukebox is Back!

It was a sad day when the Charterstone Jukebox broke down, and it has taken the Condo Board a few years to get it repaired, but it is up an running and ready for you to enjoy. Many of the songs on the jukebox were chosen by readers, including various winners of our "Not a Real Contest" contests, and a few special donors, and such. Some real favorites are here, but if you review past interactions and think I've forgotten something, please send me a note and I will forward your feedback on to the Condo Board for review.

You'll find the Jukebox in the column on the right, and you may need to install Spotify to listen. Feel free to follow me as well.


Gold-Digging Nanny said...

So glad this is back! I know we had "The Wind Beneath My Wings" as the winning entry in the "What song is Lynn skating to?" contest, but there were probably several others from that post.

DRAK said...

I love "Cake Walking Babies!" Boy, that brings back some memories.