Friday, May 30, 2014

Mary Worth 1824

She DOES have a ponytail! She DOES have a ponytail! And she called him a gentleman when he was only making moves on her! She sees the hidden good in Tommy, and not the obvious signs that he is a drug addicted sociopath.

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KitKat said...

Along with the hidden good in Tommy, Tina cannot miss the up-creeping chest hair, which is becoming throat hair - blech.

As @Downpuppy remarked yesterday, are all the waitresses at Jerry's called Tina? (Maybe Jerry has poor name recall, so it's easier to always be able to say, "Hey, Tina!") Tina of May 3 had completely different hair and wore a circa 1970 waitress uniform. Besides changing her appearance, did Blonde Tina change out of her uniform (and add a pendant) when her shift ended? Maybe she has a hot date!

r u ok? said...

I started a new job recently - should have taken tips from Tommy on how to impress the boss on my first day - ignore learning about the job duties and go straight to flirting with the staff. Good going Tommy.

Nance said...

Can someone find out the name of the shampoo Tommy uses? His hair is growing really fast.

Pretty soon, he'll have a ponytail too.

(Do you think he'll take Tina out for some rainbow swirl ice cream?)

Anonymous said...

Look for the panel showing them sitting on a dock eating ice cream with gulls.

fauxprof said...

Waitress names seem to have a pattern in the Worthiverse. So far we have Gina and Tina. For future use, I suggest Deena, Edwina, Katrina, Lena, Marina, Nina, Paulina, Rina, Serena, Vina, and Xena (the Warrior Waitress).

Thanks for getting me all caught up, Wanders and friends. realprof and I just got back from the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, a place of great beauty and extremely limited WiFi.

Chesty H. Hair said...

Buzzy feelings abound!

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Jerry doesn't look any too happy with the prospect of members of his "family" engaging in incest. Tommy better stick to his janitoring or I see our boy being fitted for some concrete galoshes.

Imogene said...

It seems Tommy has taken romance advice from Wilbur and is taking care to comb his chest hairs upward so they show above his collar.

Dude said...

Dig it!

birdie said...

Yay!!! A random kid story is appearing in the midst of all this bleakness. I love random kid stories!

Do you think Moy could make this dull?

KitKat said...

Is this moppet Mr. Alora's granddaughter, perhaps? If so, shouldn't Mr. Alora have warned her to stay away from the white-haired woman who makes revolting food? Speaking of which, "chicken salad appetizers" sound UN-appetizing. And, have Charterstone pool parties been food competitions in the past? Is Wilbur Weston the judge?

Gina said...

Pool party! Pool party!!

*cannonballs into the deep end, splashing Mary's chicken salad appetizers*

birdie said...

I think maybe a win is when you make food that Wilbur won't eat, so ther people get to taste it.

In the past, all winners have been in the vegetable category, with no dip.

fauxprof said...

Pool Party! It's been so long since we had a pool party. Just makes you want to burst into song, doesn't it?

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
We'll have new plot lines and cliches and cheer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
We may see Toby soon and Tommy isn't here

There's Wilbur in the background doin' just fine
He's there with Iris, havin' fun
Just put those chicken salad tidbits in the sunshine
'Til salmonella sends a fella on the run!

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
There's a waif dressed in purple to tend
Roll out those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer
By Thanksgiving we will have a happy end

Doctor Jeff is somewhere thinking of proposing
Don't get your hopes up, she'll say "no"
For in the summertime our Mary can't be dozing
She's got her pedal to the meddle from the go!

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Days of pool parties and pinkcake and cheer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
You'll wish pool parties could always be here!

heydave said...

I would just like to point out that I was the first to spot the ponytail, but wait, what's this creeping up out my shirt..!!??! ARRRrrrgh!

I think we have identified some "issues" in the artwork that should go unsaid...

KitKat said...

@fauxprof at 10:15 AM, huzzah! I could hear Nat King Cole singing those new lyrics.

meg said...

And it's fauxprof for the win!
Nothing like a few National Parks to inspire you. Ansel Adams produced master photographs, fauxprof musical frivolity.

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...

So, Moy is just going to pretend that meth addicts who don't get treatment have only a 12-15% success rate after 3 months and that everything is just fine now?

I guess it's the kind of thing that makes this strip so hilarious when dealing with missing dogs or Wilbur's sandwich addiction, but it's pretty darn disturbing in this case. Maybe it's because I live under a meth dealer, I dunno...

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

POOL PARTY! YESSSSS!!! I am so happy!

Mary says, "Oh! Hello, protagonist of the next 'plot'!"

Where's Toby? Mary needs to give her a recap of the whole Tommy "plot." There was so much action, I can't keep track of it all myself.