Friday, June 6, 2014

Mary Worth 1828

Charterstone may seem interesting, but there's nothing as exciting as the refreshing effervescence of Ed's shirt.

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KitKat said...

"Mary's new little friend" registers 8.5 on the patronizing scale (where 1 is "not patronizing at all" and 10 is "as patronizing as all get out").

Mary continues to exert a death grip on the tray of chicken salad appetizers. Today they look like unappetizing biscuits.

Playing the role of Evy Taylor in today's second panel is Gillian Anderson in her Dana Scully "The X-Files" days. The way Ed says "We just want to RELAX!" makes me wonder if he is so tightly wound that he's about to go postal. Maybe Mary will direct him to the Pax Wellness Resort.

Robb said...

Somehow Mary's new little friend lost her sleeves overnight. Wild!

Since the kid is named Olive, is it too much too wish that this plot will take a "Little Miss Sunshine" twist with Mary, Olive, and the Taylors hitting the road so that Olive can take part in a beauty pageant? Moy loves to rip off stuff. Remember the ship sinking? Perhaps she'll rip off "Little Miss Sunshine" with Mary and Olive taking part in a beauty pageant and dancing to Superfreak!

Nance said...

I like Evy's slightly resentful, insistent comment, "We came here to relax!" Translation:

"Back off, old woman. We left the hustle and bustle of NYC to come to the humdrum pace of a gated condo community for a reason. The last thing we need is some meddling snoop looking for a project."

I'm going to a Ladies Luncheon today, and on the menu is Mediterranean Chicken Salad. Thanks to MW, I'm a little bit afraid.

Chester the Dog said...

...boating accident, Olive's twin, Pickles, now Olive is afraid of water...just a thought...

Chester the Dog said...

Reading Panel Emergencty room doctor?

Anonymous said...

Wilbur could take Olive (and son-to-be step-son Tommy) fishing and kite flying.

Yahoonski said...

The emergency room doctor shops at the same shirt store where Tommy's new boss shops.

Laura Canon said...

I had taken Ed for a Brooklyn hipster, so that's a relief.
I am tutoring a kid for the SAT so I would just like the point out the lack of parallel structure in Mary's panel 2 statement.
Bob told me you were an ER doctor like him.
Bob told me you were an ER doctor like he is.

Mary Worth -- sending the English language to hell in a handbasket since 1937.