Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mary Worth 1893

Ha ha! This is funny because it is ironic. Mary owed a life debt to Olive when Olive saved her from a falling branch, but Mary paid Olive back when she saved her from drowning in the pool. So, in reality, their life debt is even. Too bad they didn't save Dr. Kapuht's patient when they had the chance. They could have really cashed in on that one.

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KitKat said...

Picking up on Wanders's point, Mary still owes Ken Kensington for saving her from the Central Park mugger. Ken may call that one in at any time.

Mary can't save Olive from parents who do not require that their child use a seat belt. If they do make it to the airport, maybe they'll lose Olive in the TSA line.

Anonymous said...

Did Olive literally take the jumper off of Mary's back as a souvenir?

She had it on at the beginning of the week long bu-bye!

Good Riddance Riddanceton said...

Looks like Ed and Evy's car seat is conjoined just like their lawn chair.

By the way, shouldn't Olive be wearing a seat belt instead of hanging out the window? It would be a shame if a road sign smacked her in the face... well... maybe not.

F. Fredburger said...

What's next?
A charterstone pool party?

Or maybe Mary's next project will appear as the car pulls away.

These transitions are always exciting to anticipate!!!

heydave said...

How long will these two continue to shout at each other as the car pulls away? Or will they both start talking to the floating heads they begin to see?

fauxprof said...

Positively last appearance by Olive: as a floating head, either tomorrow or Saturday, with a reprise on Sunday.

Delilah said...

...and Dr. Kaphut will never be heard from again. Bummer. I really loved to say his name.

Anonymous said...

Quick, Ed! Throw her into reverse!