Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mary Worth 1904

"I have a brother?" Now I am convinced more than ever that Amy's father is Darth Vader.

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Muscato said...

Over the past year or so - or has it been longer, and I just wasn't paying as much attention? - this strip has essentially become a series of examinations (if one can use such a grave word) of the varieties of how unpleasant old people can be.

There's Mary, of course, with her saintly meddling; but then there's flat-out nasty Elinor Kinley, and now her polar opposite, Hanna Dingdon. There was John Dill, with his annoying dithering, and Ken Kensington, so irritatingly hearty and clingy. The occasional asides with the likes of Dawn and Jim (certainly the mostly elderly-seeming young couple I can think of) are only interruptions of what is clearly Ms. Moy's real obsession.

meg said...
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KitKat said...

Before commenting on Sunday's strip, a hearty "huzzah!" to Muscato's comment yesterday. Excellent analysis.

Sunday: Hanna's TV must be broadcasting a sci fi film from 1953. Gordon appears to be wearing red ballet flats - hmm. And, I hope that Amy's ex is named Vince Bell, and that Amy still uses that surname.

Nance said...

I'm just stuck on the fact that, once Amy gave Gordy his action figure, the mouse show immediately changed to The Action Figure Show.

I feel like that could be The Future Of Television Programming And Happy Meal Tie-Ins.

fauxprof said...

Gordon finally got the remote to work, and switched from The Adventures of Generic Mouse to an old episode of MST3K. Unfortunately, he won't get the commentary.

I Am Not A Robot said...

Well no wonder Amy keeps taking advantage of her mother. Hanna reinforces the behavior by giving in. And for a DATE?? This Amy person is a piece of work. She's probably going out for some whine (not a typo) and cheese.