Friday, November 21, 2014

Mary Worth 1936

Aw, the bloom of youth does not fade when he who plucks the stem is as blind as a bat. I am not so sure Sean should be driving.

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Hugh Hefnerton said...

Just wait until they see each other in person. This is going to get filthy very quickly.

Yahoonski said...

Thought balloons over the phone! Is this a first in the history of the comics? Come to think of it, has any comic strip character ever been such a compulsive question answerer that he asked another character via phone if there were any other questions to be answered NOW when he was going to see that character within the hour? And as for Hanna promising to talk to him when she sees him, really, what was the alternative? Pantomime? Stoney silence? Come on, Ms. Moy, let's move this thing along to its tragic conclusion.

KitKat said...

Judging by the "artwork" Hanna and Sean have, we're heading for an epic clash when these two move in together.

What are the triple perpendicular frames in the background in the second panel? Clothes racks?

It would be hilarious if Sean ran into Elinor Kinley in the Charterstone parking lot and thinks she is Hanna. As Wanders has pointed out, Sean's eyesight is suspect.

birdie said...

Not only has Hanna found Mary's age-reducing potion and begun to partake of it, she is now sporting Mary's mystifying infinity hairdo, where the hair loops back into her head, leaving no visible ends.

Mary might have to kill her for discovering her secrets.

Imogene said...

I've been suspicious of Sean's driving abilities ever since we met him (how many weeks ago was that?) He does wear glasses, after all.
What I envision is Sean running his car into Mary's or Ian's in the Charterstone parking lot, and in the next strip, Sean and Hanna going off on their honeymoon, sharing a bench seat in the Somerset running shuttle.

Nance said...

Today's strip would automatically call for a Special Conference were JG and KM enrolled in my Creative Writing I course.

What a mess.

(And keep in mind that I taught High School.)

meg said...

Hanna: (ring ring) Hello, Mary? I have a date with Sean Hastings- you know, the cute guy from Somerset? We're going for a walk, and I have nothing suitable to wear. Can you lend me a cute outfit?

Mary: I'll be right over.

Hanna: Come on in, Mary. I'm upstairs.


Mary has brought two semi-identical lavender jogging suits.

Hanna chooses the one which smells least.


Hanna: Sean, come right in. It's nice to see you.

Sean sniffs. (Something doesn't smell so good.)

Sean: Sorry, Hanna, I can't make it today. I just remembered I have an appointment with the eye doctor. See ya!

Hanna: Eye doctor? Take me with you!

And the invitable follows. Sean flees.

What? You thought Hanna was going to get a ride to the eye doc and get a pair of new glasses and regain her driving ability? Sorry.

smooth said...

Sean must miss his wife since he hasn't bothered to paint over the loveliness that is PINK.

Anonymous said...

We now know how Hanna gets her exercise - while she sits talking on the phone she pushes the couch around the living room.

CLehman said...

This storyline was amusing me, but now it's depressing me. I am trying to persuade my parents to go into assisted living and Moy's fairy tale of how easy peasy it is to do this is just so very, very wrong. For one thing, is Hanna Dingdong independently wealthy? Because places like this are SUPER expensive. Even if you're shagging some resident, you still couldn't just move in for free.

Also, it's very difficult for people thinking about moving in to avoid the realization that it will probably be the last place they ever live. Which is another reason it's so difficult to do. Which is why this is depressing me now. Aughhh!!

blackgoat said...

Sean: Hanna, I forgot to tell you the best thing about Somerset - any grandchildren who set foot on the premises will be shot on sight.

TimK said...

Hanna Dingdon speaks:

mrvy said...

CLehman, from one who's been in your shoes - leaving the Ancestral Manse WAS the hardest thing my mom ever did. It took quite a team of family and friends to downsize 55 years' worth of stuff, and to help her leave the only home she and my father ever owned.

One year later, she said it was the best decision she could have made - no yard work, no shoveling, and no stairs. I can't say it's not pricey, though. I hope your parents find a good place for them.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Wanders, could you please add "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones to the Charterstone Jukebox? I'm getting hot and bothered just reading this intense telephone dialogue!