Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mary Worth 1940

Says the woman who wore pearls for their walk.

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Anonymous said...
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KitKat said...

Re the pink things: At first I thought one was a giant macaron, but there's no way a macaron would have found its way into Sean's place. Is it a strange type of bell pepper, and the other objects are bizarre peaches? And what are the contents of those jars?

The melted candles are an ominous sign. Sean may be a fire hazard.

I Am Not A Robot said...

Frankly, I'm too mesmerized by the profound dialogue between these two love birds to even notice the surroundings this time.

The response I imagine playing out in Hanna's head to Sean's question: "Yes. I can see myself living in Somerset. Actually, in this very apartment. Within the month."

Nance said...

I hope Hanna has a hearty appetite. Her sandwich is bigger than its plate.

For a No Frills Guy, his apartment is terribly cluttered with a lot of Stuff. I'm sure most of it is mementos from Mrs. Sean, but I'd hate to have to dust in there.

hia5 said...

I just noticed that sometime between Sunday and Monday Sean has gotten redressed; Sunday he was wearing a green shirt (rakishly unbuttoned at the top) over a white tee shirt. Monday (and today) he's wearing a short-sleeved green tee. Inquiring minds would like to know what happened to Sean's garb in the interim before making the toast. (Little things do mean a lot!)

fauxprof said...

Bell peppers and potatoes instead of bananas and oranges in the fruit bowl? Sean is into unconventional choices, hence his preference for the Widow Dingdon.

Anonymous said...
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meg said...
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meg said...

As Sean tidies the kitchen after a lunch of spectacular/mean tuna sandwiches (secret ingredients: mayonnaise and celery, keep it a secret), Hanna wanders into the living room to snoop, er look, around. She reaches for her canoe-sized purse, and from it she withdraws what she calls her flute. You and I might call it a black plastic recorder that we learned to play in 2nd grade.

From the kitchen, Sean hears the opening notes of his favorite song, 'Thick as a Brick' . by his favorite group, Jethro Tull. In a haze of delight, he floats into the living room and begins to tickle the old ivories. Soon he and Hanna have jammed their way through Aqualung, Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. It's Felicia Zamfir with a pan flute and a delighted expression. "May I join your session?" And soon they were all playing away, totally rocking out, as it were.

BUZZZZZZ! BUZZZZZZ! It's Cruella B'Dass, the manageress of Somerset. She is a stern woman with a gin-soaked mustache (hardly noticeable, she tells herself). "There has been a complaint from the other inmates, er, residents. You'll have to leave. "

Sean: "Hanna's not leaving without me."

Cruella: "Of course not, all of you, out! You, too, Zamfir! Under section VIII, footnote 31, of your Somerset Agreement, you must move out within 24 hours if anyone complains about the noise.'

Hanna: " Come with me, friends. I have a duplex condo at Charterstone, with two master suites upstairs. You'll be welcome to move in,"

And so they did.

Later that same day: Jethro Dull is continuing to play every song they can think of. Soon they are joined by Elinor Kinley on spoons, Marie Benedetto with comb and paper, Ian Cameron with his bagpipe, Tommy Beedie with his sad, sad-toned prison harmonica, and Wilbur with a ham sandwich. Toby alternately files her nails and goes pocketa-pocketa in time to the "music". As they swing into 'Chim-chim-cheree, moth ball smell will rub off if you shake hands with me', there's a knock at the door.

Hanna: "Hello, Officer Muldoon, Officer Toody, how may I help you?"

Muldoon: "There's been a noise complaint. The unofficial manager of Charterstone called us. Says you're making too much noise for the neighborhood."

Toody: "But don't worry, this is a warehouse zone, so you're free to continue."

Sean: "Warehouse? How so?"

Muldoon: "This is the zone that warehouses all you greyhairs. Keep on playing! May I join you on the zarzuela?"

Toody: "Hey, Tommy- howya doing on the outside? Keeping clean?"

The music continues, and soon Ian Cameron says:" "

Toby: "Ian says, hey kids, let's put on a show

meg said...

Soon the whole of Charterstone has pitched in (except for the unofficial manager). Bonnie (Bonnie Johnson) has donated a complete set of uniforms, Sergeant Pepper in style and color, LeBron James in size.

On the day of the show, a crowd, numbering in the tens, has gathered around the Charterstone Gazebo. A cash bar has been set up, and a lavish buffet table has been provided by the Bum Boat and Jerry's Sandwich Shoppe. John Dill, in town for the occasion, has provided a spectacular black cake (he's from New York now, you know.)

Amy Dingdon is seen holding hands with Dr, Jeff Cory while little Gordon plays with David and Beckham Black, Gina and Bobby's twins. The paparazzi swarm around the celebrity and his WAG. Nola Wolvenson, Jill Black, and Tom Harpman prop up the bar, while Dr. Jeff's daughter and son-in-law wonder what they are doing there when they could be curing sick people and catching murderers, respectively.

Ed and Evy Taylor exchange child-rearing tips with Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Goleta, and are so engrossed in conversation that they fail to notice Olive flailing in the pool once again, and Emily Smith leaving to see Dr. Drew's puppies.

Meanwhile, Franny and her mom are scarfing up everything on the buffet, regardless of Wilbur's efforts to keep up with them. Dawn and one-armed Jim look on, mortified.

Beth Kinley Harpman chats with her editor from Harlequin Books, sipping plain water. Iris hovers anxiously around Tommy, hoping he performs his piece flawlessly.

Ladeez and Gentlemen, and Children of all ages, if any are actually here, may we present:

The First Annual Charterstone Old Farts' Club Band Programme, featuring:

Felicia Zamfir: "It's All About that Bass"

Toby Cameron: "Tears of a Clown Painter"

Elinor Kinley: "Mother-in-Law" ('if I left them alone, they wouldn't have a home, cuz' who pays the whole mortgage? Mother-in-law!)

Hanna Dingdon : "What's the Matter with Kids Today? I Raised My Kids and I Won't Raise Theirs" (They call me hard-hearted Hanna, cause I just don't wanna help them at all)

Ian Cameron: " " accompanying himself on the bagpipe.

Officer Muldoon, with a selection from HMS Pinafore: "I sucked up to the brass so successfully, that now I am the chief of Santa Royale PD"

Marie Benedetto: "I Left My Heart in Santa Barbara"

Officer Toody: On duty, but he would have sung "Toody Froody" All Roody!

Tommy Beedie: plays a traditional mournful prison tune: Red River Valley (From this cellblock they say you are going, I will miss your cold eyes and cruel smile, For they say you are taking the contraband, and the cake that is baked with a file)

Sean Hastings: "'I've gotta get out of this place, if it's the last thing I ever do"

Mary Worth was unable to attend, since she was tending to Charterstone matters, e.g. researching Santa Royale zoning regulations and noise ordinances.

meg said...

Sorry about all the white space in my posts- I'm on a strange computer in a strange place.

heydave said...

@meg: hope you didn't hurt yourself with all that inspiration... Jethro Dull (!) is only brilliant.

My own meager observation is that even the Triffid in the background appears to find those manly manwiches offensive.

meg said...

Inspiration, Dave? I'm in Colorado.

KitKat said...

@meg, you are AMAZING! I tip my chapeau to you!

meg said...

Thanks, KitKat--my mom is so proud.

Yahoonski said...

I especially liked the Red River Valley rewrite!