Monday, December 8, 2014

Mary Worth 1944

This is what I refer to as a Mary Redemption Moment. She's been catty with Hanna from the beginning, and couldn't wait to run her out of Charterstone. Now we learn that she really does want to help Hanna, whom she considers to be her friend. If she had actually spoken the words, "I want to help you, friend," we would have doubted her sincerity based on our review of past interactions, and so the author has placed them in a thought bubble because Mary never lies to herself. But who would actually think this kind of thing without actually saying it?

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KitKat said...

Remember when Ronald Reagan said, ""The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help"? Mary thinking "I want to help you, friend" is even more terrifying.

For someone who seems so ambivalent about her family, Hanna Dingdon has a lot of framed photos. The guy in the top photo behind Hanna looks like Burl Ives. The woman in the photo below that sure doesn't look like Amy. Could one of the photos on the buffet be the elusive Amy's Brother?

meg said...

Later that day, Amy and Gordon have just arrived at Hanna's, followed almost immediately by (charming) Sean Hastings.

Amy: So you're the geezer who's trying to take Pa's place? Well, good luck with that! Don't forget to ask Ma about Pa's 'untimely' death. I'll give you a clue: big insurance policy. And don't eat the goulash if you know what's good for you.

Gordy: Are you gonna be my new grandpa? Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Look at me! Vaarroomm , I'm a race car! Rooooaarr, I'm a lion! Watch me now, I'm a robot! Click, click, click! Can I get a piggyback ride? Granma, is there any grape soda left? Can I have some gummy worms?

Amy: Where's Sean? Guess he forgot something. I'll try to catch up with him in the parking lot. Bye, Gordy, be a good boy.
I'll see you in the morning.

Hanna: Time for dinner, Gordy. Do you like goulash?

birdie said...

It makes sense, sort of, if you put the emphasis on the "I".

"I", the Great Mary Worth, want to help you, as opposed to that no-good daughter of yours who couldn't be bothered to pick up a few items on her way to get some free babysitting from her mom.

That's because, now that you have a boyfriend, you have become interesting. If you're not dating someone, you are not important in the Worthiverse.

meg said...

According to my calculations - and Wanders' superb archives-, the last time Mary has seen her boo was on
February 6, 2014, in the year of our Mary. Does that still count as dating?

Mary's Cranberry Mothballs said...

That money is awfully large. Is poor Hannah still using Confederate Bonds?!

Toby's Evil Clown Dingdon said...

Another mystery solved... Looking at the top framed photo in the background, we can see who has been posing for Toby's awful paintings all of these years.

PS: AGAIN, couldn't this have all been resolved LONG AGO if Hannah was allowed to go to the eye doctor?!

Big Tex Too said...

In panel one, Hanna has a look of total shame. Is she trying to fish her panties out of her purse? Toby seems to have reeled back to her own apartment to sleep off her morning vodka-leaving Mary free to interfere in poor Hanna's life some more.

Regina the NY Diva said...

I spent the whole weekend hating Mary and Toby for wanting to watch Hanna and Sean "interact" with each other like they were a pair of ring tailed baboons at the zoo. The fact that it's only a comic strip didn't deter my hated of these two catty witches. I'm not sure if KM is messing with us with the inane insipid dialogue or she just doesn't get out that much to "interact" with the real world.

Anyway, off topic, and I'm sure someone has mentioned it, but I'm way too lazy to look, doesn't Sean remind anyone of The Lorax?

Meg, I love when you post because you always make me laugh. Keep up the good work.

Regina the NY Diva said...

*hatred...sorry, just got worked up LOL.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

I want to help you friend, but I'm much more interested in observing you so I can judge you.

meg said...

Regina- work????