Friday, December 26, 2014

Mary Worth 1958

I appreciate that Karen Moy incorporates so many effective literary devices into her story telling. Today is a delightful example of irony: It is Amy who will be surprised when she finds Grandma is already out on a date. I'm guessing it will be Mary who has the satisfaction of telling her this because no one enjoys smugness better than Mary. And irony always leads to smugness.

Also ironic: Amy is killed in a car crash, while Gordon survives despite his lack of a child safety seat.

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Peggy Olson said...

Happy Holidays to everyone in the Worthisphere.

Have you noticed that there are no Christmas or Hanukkah decorations at Charterstone? Either Mary's condo board has outlawed garish displays or Uncle Joe's intern can't draw ornaments.

smooth said...

This fascinating storyline has gone on for soooo long poor little Gordon's hair has grayed.

Downpuppy said...

Remember that Dr Who where aliens take over Parliament and burst out of their disguises? It would have been funnier if one kept its wig on.

Nance said...

Wanders, by now Hanna and Sean could already be back at Charterstone, perusing sheet music for their Eventual Meet-Up/Duetting. Time is so fluid and unregulated in the Worthiverse.

Tomorrow's strip could be another Non-Event, knowing KM.

(Amy and Gordon arrive)
Amy: Oh! I had no idea you would have company.
Hanna: Amy, this is Sean, a friend.
Sean: Hello.

Hanna: This is my daughter Amy and my grandson Gordon.
Amy: (Thought bubble) She looks happy. (Conversation bubble) We can stop by another time. Come on Gordy.

Hanna: (Thought bubble) He's like a Knight in Shining Armor!

KitKat said...

My best holiday wishes to all of you, especially to Wanders, the founder of the feast!

A sandwich-wielding hand is about to attack Hanna's mouth. There's no telling how this might affect her flute technique. Will her beautiful music with Sean be silenced before it begins?

Amy looks preoccupied, so she may just pull up to the Charterstone lobby and push Gordy out of the car. BTW, Gordy's age seems to be fluid, aywhere from 3 to 9.

meg said...

Well, I'm thrilled! My 12/23 Hanukkah wish is about to come true. Unless Nance is right. Remember how Amy said if you'd move in with us, Ma, I could work more, and some of us cynically thought she might be a working girl? Today's strip makes it seem very likely. C'mon, Moy, introduce something new into this old comic world.

fauxprof said...

Gotta agree with KitKat. Gordy seems to morph from toddlerhood to middle school depending on Uncle Joe's mood and memory. That being said, the vacant expression he sports is even more problematic.

meg said...

Little Gordy is Newt Gingrich's love child!

Anonymous said...

Appearing at Hannah's door this unforgettable evening are June from "Rex Morgan" and sidekick Alfred E. Neuman.

KitKat said...

Security at Charterstone must be lax if Amy and Gordy (who's 7 years older than he was in the car) got in the building.