Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mary Worth 1961

Well, by all means, tell Amy about him now, while you're on your date, talking on your phone! Meanwhile, Sean's thinking, "Wait, she has a kid? She never said she had a kid. Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Solo."

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fauxprof said...

It's good to see Amy get her comeuppance, not that she will be motivated to change her selfish ways. After all, she learned selfish at Hanna's knee.

Happy New Year's Eve from physical therapy rehab. Festivities will probably include staying up til about 8:30.
Which is probably what realprof and I would be doing at home. Anyway, working hard, on the mend, and best wishes for a great 2015 to all the lovin' Worthiverse!

Nance said...

Hanna's Go Go Gadget Extendo-Hand looks like it is searching for some after-dinner gum under that tabletop.

She also blew it when she tipped her location to Amy. Let's see if Sean makes a mean impromptu babysitter.

(Keep at it, fauxprof! And ditto What She Said.)

hia5 said...

Doesn't Hard Hearted Hannah realize one silences one's cellphone when dining out? It's just common courtesy.

jerrybear said...

Well I'll be - apparently there really IS only one diner in Santa Royale. And, it seems that the server has either brought Hanna a new club sandwich or has popped by to stick toothpicks with cellophane frills in her original sandwich.

Is anyone else wondering if Hot-Date Dave is the same Dave who jilted Dawn in the produce section of Food Team? I remember him canoodling with a blonde whose name escapes me (not Toby, although that would have been a welcome plot device). Yesterday Amy said they were meeting for the first time on their date - ? Have their prior meetings been online? Will Mary walk by just in time to babysit Gordy?

KitKat said...

Argh, the previous comment from jerrybear was really from me, KitKat, who's trying to adjust to the Bluetooth keyboard she gave jerrybear (a.k.a. Mr. KitKat) for Christmas.

heydave said...

Amy's exploding head in panel 2 may just warrant inclusion in Worthy competition!

Or not.

Happy New YEar everyone!

meg said...

Should Old Sean Hastings be forgot and never brought to mind?

Should Old Hanna Dingdon just go home now, Grandson Gordy to mind?

She'll leave her sarnie on the tyeble,
And head for Charterstone,

(And all because her selfish dowta
Has called her on the phone.)

Canty Hogmanay, everyone!

Joolz said...

Like mother, like daughter with the phone manners. Sean, your date just hung up on someone: red flag!

Mrs. E. Worthington Manville said...

Cell phones don't 'click' when you disconnect. That's just Hanna saying the word 'click' to indicate the conversation is over. And the 'exploding eyeball' punctuation indicates she's saying it with extreme sarcasm.

Mrs. E. Worthington Manville said...

Also, what's up with the Cleveland Comic Kingdom canceling comments?

KitKat said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's an angry start to 2015 for Amy, who appears to be changing into Hulk Amy in panel 2. She's forgotten to put Gordy (the child of fluid age) into the back seat. This being the Worthiverse, maybe Hot Date Dave will be smitten by Amy's maternal image and by Gordy.

fauxprof said...

Happy New Year!

Gordy is repeating his Mother's words like a young toddler, yet looks like a husky eight-year-old today. Hot date Dave is gonna just fall in love with the adorable little tyke.