Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mary Worth 1976

"Heh heh heh... you joker... that's not important to me. Cough cough."


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Peggy Olson said...

Oh, wishful thinking, Wanders. There are still weeks to go with this storyline.

Hanna's daughter has to complain, Gordy has to play more video games, Mary and Toby have to dissect the situation over some mystery dessert and -- let's not forget -- Mary has to smugly congratulate herself for being Matchmaker Supreme.

Of course, Sean could end up being a serial wife killer. That would be fun.

Toots McGee said...

Did Sean pay for the items from Drugstore or did he just walk out with everything still in the handheld basket?

Does he rely on the Uncle Leo defense: I'm an old man I get confused!

Nance said...

Oh, dear, sweet @Peggy Olson. Gordy and Amy who? They won't ever be mentioned again. They would provide actual Plot Complications--something KM cannot be bothered with.

Now that Hanna and Sean have reached The Golden Finish Line that all KM characters strive for (except, curiously, MW herself), it's now Three Days of Coffee Klatsch or Pool Party Rehash and over.

@Toots McGee--Swarm! Swarm!

fauxprof said...

It would be wonderful if the Sunday Summary marked the end of this particularly dreary plot, even more wonderful to bask in the mellow glow of a Charterstone Pool Party; but I fear Peggy Olson is correct. We haven't heard the last of selfish Amy and vacant Gordy.

Yahoonski said...

Others call him Maurice.

KitKat said...

It looks like Hanna is reaching into Sean's Basket o' Items as she hugs him. Not only is she insinuating herself into Somerset, she's swiping his stuff.

This "plot" could go two ways:

1. Hanna and Sean go into this building, get a marriage license, get hitched, and disappear into Somerset.

2. We have weeks more of dreariness with Bride Hanna, Groom Sean, and Matron of Honor Mary Worth bestowing her blessing. Amy and Dave will decide to also tie the knot, so it will be a double wedding. Gordy will sit in the corner with a video game.

Nance said...

@Yahoonski--'Cause he speaks of the pompatus of love?

Chester the Dog said...

Hanna is a tramp. I see where her daughter learned the "ways of the world".

Laura Canon said...

So the moral of this story is that it's OK to rush into marriage to avoid having a serious talk with your daughter about babysitting?

r u ok? said...

Winners: Dingdong, Ian, Toby sort of, Mary (who will take credit for everything)

Losers: Gordy, Gordy's mom

Unknown: Sean

Speculations on the next storyline?

Not Worthy said...

We knew the three year waiting list was not going to stand.

Can't wait for "Amy, say hello to your new Dad."

KitKat said...

@ r u ok?, I suggest that Amy's Brother be added to the Losers list. He didn't even get a name, much less an appearance.