Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mary Worth 1986

It was inevitable that Sean and Hanna would spend their lives making comparisons to their first marriages. I just didn't expect it to start on the way to the alter.

"I remember my first wedding, it was in a beautiful church. I remember my first wedding cake, it was moist and chocolate. I remember my first wedding witness, she was really young." The comparisons continue for six whole years. That's how long they have to live right?

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RallySox said...

The second panel is priceless. The term "experience" makes Mary look very ill.

Yahoonski said...

As somebody pointed out on Comics Kingdom, they appear to be leaving City Hall in the second panel. After all this build up, have we been deprived of the opportunity to actually witness this twice-in-a-lifetime event? How cruel thou art, Karen Moy.

fauxprof said...

Oh, no, I'm still counting on seeing the actual wedding, with a judge who looks like Aldo Kelrast/Dr. Kapuht. Yes, and Amy storming in at the critical moment, dragging robotic little Gordy in her wake.

Amy: Stop this farce of a wedding! I object!
Gordy: Obect. Yay!
Hanna: Amy! What are you doing here?
Amy: I was just paying fine. Yes, that's it, a traffic fine, and I spotted the three of you sneaking in here. Ma, how can you be so selfish! Besides, he's a gold digger, I can tell.
Sean: Dear, who are these people. Is that a child or a ventriloquist dummy?
Judge Kelrast-Kapuht: Harrumph.
Mary: Settle down, everybody, and I'll straighten all this out. It'll be easy-peasy...

KitKat said...

I like @fauxprof's scenario. If only....

"Nervous as a schoolkid" - where did KM pull that from? It's nonsensical. "Nervous as a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs" (quoting Tennessee Ernie Ford) is much better.