Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mary Worth 2010

"What are those strange looking birds on those barren dusty hills, Grandma?"

"I don't know Gordy. Maybe if you had remembered to bring your electronic tablet, you could have looked them up. How can you learn anything if you don't have a gadget in your hand?"

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smooth said...

Are these the first words Gordy has ever spoken?

Those desert penguins are certainly an odd species. I do wonder why the ticket booth is practically in the pen.

At least we got some insightful words to ponder.

I Am Not a Robot said...

Moy couldn't even come up with stilted android-like dialogue so she had to "borrow" from someone else to fill in? This is just sad. Even sadder than, as Wanders so cleverly pointed out, Gordy is without his tablet.

And yes... those desert penguins are so lovely. Maybe the NatGeoWild channel will do an episode on them soon.

TimP said...

Kinda cold of Gordy to emphasize seeing the animals what with Hanna being blind and all that. Hey, did she ever get her eyes checked anyway? Like maybe as part of the process of getting the marriage license?

fauxprof said...

Think of what Dr. Seuss could have done with the desert penguins. My sympathies, however, lay with the poor tiger. Not only must he endure captivity, he has to put up with the likes of Hanna and Sean quoting Anglican hymns at him.

Yahoonski said...

Gray-nosed tigers - Yay!

Nance said...

Is that placid, smug-looking tiger supposed to be symbolic of...

oops! Never mind. Duh. MOY.

KitKat said...

What's with the ticket booth in the middle of this dusty wasteland? Do you need a ticket to pick up some sand?

It would be so easy to slip under that flimsy rail and fall into the tiger pit. Imagine the scene as Hanna explains to Amy about Gordy's disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone in this strip say anything, I mean anything at all, without throwing out their left arm?

meg said...

Tragedy at Santa Royale Zoo

An pair of elderly newly weds and their alleged grandson were mauled at Santa Royale Zoo yesterday afternoon. A Bengal tiger, apparently mistook the orange-suited gentleman for a romantic rival.

When the woman stuck her gray hair right up in the tiger's gray nose (while attempting to free her husband from the tiger's fierce jaws), the tiger just did what tigers do.

And as for the orange-haired tyke, he was last seen being dragged into the tiger's artificial den.

Santa Royale Zoo officials are investigating.

Santa Royale Zoo animals are high-fiving the tiger.

Robb said...


Gordy has spoken before. In one very memorable scene back on January 1, the adorable orange-haired tyke mimicked his mother by calling Granny Hanna a "piece of work." Amy's quite the role model. Come to think of it, Hanna, too.

Anonymous said...

Is that a pink flamingo at the ticket booth? I notice it's standing on one leg.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wanders, Since it appears that this current story line is not going to end any time soon, I thought I'd help you out a little, in case you have some trouble coming up with next year's Worthy Award categories. Seriously, I think we have every reason to believe that Moy will continue on with the Hanna/Sean saga for another six months at least.
Worthy Award categories:
1. Most Attractive Hanna Dingdon Face:
2. Most Revolting Hanna Dingdon Face:
3. Goofiest Hanna Dingdon Hairstyle:
4. Favorite Color from Sean Hastings’ Pastel Sansabelt Pantsuit Collection:
5. Most Outrageous Lack of Continuity in Restaurant Seating Arrangements:
6. Most Amusing and/or Confusing Gordy Handheld Device:
7. Best Interaction Between Amy and Hanna:
8. Most Unnatural Conversation Between Hanna and Sean:
9. Panel Demonstrating Worst Parenting Skills Ever:
10. Most Awkwardly Held Piece of Flatware:
11. Most Unexplainable Body Part or Lack Thereof:

And, of course, what would a Worthy Award ceremony be without our dear Mary…

12. Most Obnoxious Comment from Mary during this whole Painful Episode:

Dawn Weston's EVIL Twin said...

Ooh, I like today's strip! Will the tiger eat them? Please? Pretty please?

Chester the Dog said...

i think that railing has impaled the ticket taker.

LouiseF said...

What a bonus for a Saturday with all these great comments! Thanks, everyone! I especially like Anonymous' list of possible award categories for the Worthies next year. Inspired! Disappointed that Karen Moy could not find a way to work "pi" as in "pi day--3/14/15--into Saturday's strip somehow. . . It could have been educational for Gordy..