Friday, March 20, 2015

Mary Worth 2015

The world IS a dangerous place when Batman keeps punching you in the face every time you try to use your Death Ray.

The last time we saw Scott Hewlettt, he was driving off with Dr. Adrian Cory-Hewlett to their Local Honeymoon Destination. They haven't been seen for four years. I'm glad to hear he's since recovered from his gunshot wound. Unlike you, Adam Miller, who is still disabled. Love healed Scott. It can heal you too.

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Joolz said...

Ah, MW is using the old "give information to get information" trick. It's not working that well, and she is missing some unsubtle cues from Adam Miller.

Could Mr. Miller be another vigilante!? One who was never told that he had a family to take care of and that he couldn't be a vigilante too? And so he continued being a vigilante (and got injured)?

KitKat said...

"The world's a DANGEROUS PLACE. Why, at this very minute, my chest hair is attempting to strangle me."

I wonder if love healed one-armed Jim. It's been so long, I can't remember if he and Dawn crossed the line from friendship to romance.

Anonymous said...

If this guy thinks the world's a dangerous place, wait'll he sees the buffet at the Beach Bum.

fauxprof said...

Today Adam bears a resemblance to Sean Hannity. Since I cordially loathe Sean Hannity, Iwill endeavor not to be prejudiced toward Adam.

Tony said...

Mary's comments in frame 2 are among the most stilted dialogue I've seen in M.W. Does "Oh, well," mean "What's the big deal -- we all know someone in law enforcement who's been injured?" And "My friend, Jeff....his son-in-law" is just bad grammar.

KitKat said...

@Tony at 12:22 PM, maybe Mary has been so disarmed by Adam's manly appearance, she's been reduced to incoherent babbling.

@fauxprof at 10:52 AM, I KNEW Adam reminded me of someone - bingo!

birdie said...

From Adam's blank stare in the first panel, I'm very pessimistic that he can pass the eye exam now required of all new residents of Charterstone.

They don't actually check your eyes, of course. They just have you drive around in the parking lot and see if you hit anyone.