Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mary Worth 2022

"Terry, Please! I moved across the country and into your apartment building after not seeing you for eight years because I want to TALK to you!"

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fauxprof said...

Ah, Palm trees and trench coats. That's always been my vision of Southern California in Spring!

I Am Not a Robot said...

DUH! I can't figure out how Terry feels about seeing Adam. I think we need a few more days of her telling him to go away to be sure.

But seriously... we all know how this will end. MeddlerMary will have a talk with Terry and tell her what a fool she is to let Adam, that great catch, get away. Next, the happy couple will eventually marry and go to TropicalIsland World for their honeymoon.

There. I just saved us all 9 months of tedium and bad writing. NEXT!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that when Moy first introduces a new storyline, the number of comments here increases? Everyone seems excited about the possibility (slim, I know) that we might finally get an interesting story. Several days later, when it's obvious that Moy will be dragging us through yet another "marriage is the answer to all of life's problems" story, the number of comments drops dramatically. Even the level of snark drops - we're reduced to pointing out inconsistencies in wardrobe and hoping to spot an extra digit on someone's hand.

KitKat said...

Okay, so Adam is the man Terry can never forget, who broke her heart and shattered her dreams. I think we need another week of Terry's cliches so we can really get the point, right?

There might be some shattered cars or even residents in the Charterstone parking lot before Terry exits.

Nance said...

Adam Miller looks decidedly more feminine today, and in this panel, like he is sporting a ManBun.

KitKat said...

In today's first panel, the part of the floating head of Adam Miller is being played by Drew Cory. It's anybody's guess who is playing Adam in the second panel, where Terry and Adam visit MOMA. Too bad all the art was missing that day.

I Am Not a Robot said... Adam and Terry rekindle their love. The End.


Chin Napkin Groupie said...

That this is the very beginning of another tedious, mind numbing exercise in boredom is something that I do not wish to contemplate. That I will be six to nine months older at it's conclusion is depressing. It's not like I can simply change the channel. I open up the comics section of my morning paper and am inexorably, like a moth to a flame, drawn to "Mary Worth". Please tell me why. I'm begging you. My mental health is at stake.

meg said...

CNG- don't give up hope. The final scene in this story will be Adam and Whatshername wiping wedding cake from their manly chins with a fine napkin.