Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mary Worth 2037

"What we had was pretty great. The blobs were fresh, and the dressing on my green lumps was delicious. But my favorites were the white flat discs. They were simply divine. Oh, wait, you're still talking about us?"

I've added a couple of "Pony Tail" songs to the jukebox in honor of Terry and Gina and Jenna and Vera and Lynn and Shannon. If only Dawn had a pony tail. Then maybe someone would love her. I've also added "Easy Peasy" in memory of Olive Taylor who almost died!

Today's strip


tkraft said...

How about a song that celebrates the merciful end of this story line...."The 12th of Never"?

Nance said...

Adam Miller: What we had was pretty great, wasn't it?

Terry Bryson: Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday.

(Now another series of Flashback Panels commences, in which we Readers experience various Happy Times, like hand-holding walks in parks, carnival visits, smiling jogs in parklike settings, etc., all of which will take another twelve weeks. These will be accompanied by more dull, repetitive commentary about being an Investigative Team/Great Team/Happy Together.)


I Am Not a Robot said...

Why? Just why?

The only way this snooze-inducing chapter could be made more interesting: have Adam be run over by Hanna in the Charterstone parking lot.

The set up: Hanna had to borrow Sean's car one day because Sean broke his leg or something and can't drive for a while. Hanna, on her way to Grocery Store decides to visit her old pal, Mary. Adam is so dejected over Terry's refusal to just let bygones be bygones that he doesn't notice Hanna headed straight for him.

Of course, we cannot avoid the inevitable so...*sigh* Terry will find out Adam is hanging onto life by a thread at the hospital ICU and she realizes she can't live without him. He lives. They marry. All is well. The End. BLECCH!!

Limber Joe said...

@ Nance. Don't forget fishing and kite flying!

fauxprof said...

Adam doesn't get it. Their work relationship was what turned Terry on, not their private snuggly time. The synchronized karate, the hot pants and sansabelt leisure suit undercover gigs, that was what they had that was so good. That, and the plate of gnocchi in front of her today.

meg said...

Summary and analysis of Monday's strip:

Mary lies in wait near the mailboxes, waiting for Adam to come downstairs so she can pounce. Adam unexpectedly arrives from outside the building, wearing the same orange suit- now very crumpled- and shirt as the night before, and sporting a thin line of stubble on his chin and upper lip.

Clearly, Adam is walking the walk of shame, but Mary plows on, nonetheless, with an unwanted and unappealing invitation to dinner.

Adam, having been forewarned by Jill, easily ducks the invitation and forestalls a possible offer to set another date over the next few months.

Meanwhile, Jill is late for work for the first time in eight years.

meg said...

P.S. Judging by the appearance of Mary's eyes in panel 2, she may have been celebrating 4/20 before breakfast.

Wanders said...

Meg, did you really mean Jill? Because Terry is gonna be heartbroken all over again.

meg said...

Wanders, it's Chinatown. And 4/20.