Monday, April 27, 2015

Mary Worth 2043

Love wasn't meant for Dr. Roberts either!

I think there have been a few others... Gina, who didn't think she'd find love (ever again!)... Lynn Griffin... If I've learned anything in the Worthiverse, Love is for EVERYONE!

Today's strip


Yahoonski said...

Um, technically, Terry did not ask Mary how she could know if things would work out, but just said part of her "wonders" if they would. But when the narration box insists on interpreting it as a question, we can hardly expect Mary to do otherwise.

KitKat said...

Terry appears to have managed pretty well for the past eight years and was so removed from Adam that she lost track of him completely. So, what's hasty about this?

Today's first panel was photographed by Wilbur at the exact moment he was knocked down by a car driven by Hanna Dingdon Hastings, who was picking up more of her boxed from Charterstone.

Delilah said...

Poor Wilbur. He is undoubtably consoling himself with a ham sammich. Thanks KitKat!