Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mary Worth 2046

This has been one of Mary's most effective hypnosis sessions. Terry's free will is totally suppressed, and she will do whatever Mary commands. When she hears the word "undercover," she will flap her arms and cluck like a chicken.

Today's strip


Anonymous said...

Judging by the expressions in panel 2, Mary's peach bran muffins have induced flatulence.

Nance said...

She's hypnotized the rest of us, too. We all have accepted that we want to go slow. LY. LY. LY! ! !

LouiseF said...

The action (for want of a better word) in this strip is being carried by the interplay of the stripes in Terry's shirt, the diagonal patterns on Mary's sofa pillows, and the vertical lines in the drapes. Now if said items could just rise up and smother these two, we'd have some REAL action. . ..

KitKat said...

ANYONE flapping his or her arms and clucking like a chicken would be better than this miserable excuse for a plot.

Anonymous said...

Everything about this plot is ridiculous, including:
* that Adam and Terry were top-notch undercover crime fighters,
* that Adam's move to personal security necessitates a break-up (wouldn't that be a much safer job?),
* that Terry had no knowledge of Adam during their hiatus, even though he nearly lost his life protecting a prominent politician (some investigator she is!),
* that Adam would just show up, living in the same, quiet apartment complex as Terry, expecting that she'd react positively,
* that Terry actually might give this stalking creep a chance,
* that anybody else (i.e. Mary) would think Adam's stalking tendencies are just fin,
* that Terry is so dumb and helpless, even though she is supposedly a professional woman,
* that Mary's peach muffins are edible,
* and on and on and on ....

Anonymous said...

These two have to be high. They're both staring wide eyed into the distance after painting the walls in Mary's apartment black. Next they'll eat more muffins and start trying to pick the bugs out from under their skin.