Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mary Worth 2058

Wait, is Adam's super evil power time travel?? Is he living a second life in another time period? And did he bring back soylent green for lunch?

Today's strip


fauxprof said...

Well, somebody's on either Soylent Green or magic mushrooms. The point of view between panels one and two is so strange I can't make any sense of it. And Adam has grey at his temples again. Help!

Anonymous said...

This story line just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser....

@fauxprof: The second panel must have been drawn from the drone (or balloon) just outside the restaurant window.

P.S. @Wanders: Don't forget considering "Secret Agent Man" (1966) for the jukebox!

KitKat said...

This place is so fantastic that Terry's sandwich morphed from Wonder Bread in the first panel to wheat (or cardboard) in the second.

I know it's hopeless to try to inject any sense of reality into Mary Worth. However, I'm compelled to say thar Adam appears to be a secretive, controlling man who is completely disregarding the "ground rules" Terry tried to establish. She should flee, not behave so coyly. Tomorrow it'll probably be, "Tee hee, oh Adam!"

@fauxprof from Friday, I do have fond memories of Bob's Big Boy!