Monday, May 25, 2015

Mary Worth 2064

In many ways, the complex facets of Adam's personality remind me of lots of different bumper stickers.

Today's strip


fauxprof said...

How are you doing, Adam? Somewhere between pathetic and creepy.

Anonymous said...

Adam's made a list and he's checking it twice. What a loser.

76VDubber said...

Maybe their next outing will involve synchronized martial arts training.

Probably not. But I bet we'll see more park benches this next week. Could that be Adam's idea of synchronized marital arts training?

Nance said...

Can you imagine if KM had to pitch this storyline?

KM: So, basically, this couple meets up again after 8 years and the guy wants to reconnect in a big way, but the girl doesn't quite feel it. There's a lot of bench sitting and talking while the guy tries to win her back. And he has a cane. She likes heights and muffins.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Hmmm... Adam's kind of a hottie, in my humble opinion... You better scoop him up, sister, or you got some competition a-comin'!

Chester the Dog said...

High above Earth:

Picard to Ensign Bryson, respond please.

Ensign Bryson here. (snuggles stuffed dog)

Picard here, we are watching you on the viewscreen and becoming very ill. Please report back to the Enterprise.

Data here, Bryson, although I have no internal organs, I am feeling sick as well. This interaction with the human is very..HURL!!!

Picard here, on a better note, please stay in Charterstone, Bryson. We have no cure for this...HURL...Picard out.

birdie said...

Adam is like one on those bumper stickers for a losing candidate two or three elections ago. Pathetic, but you'll never be able to get that sticker off, until you give up and sell the car.

Meanwhile, everyone around you is laughing and thinking, "Loser!" whenever you go by.

Anonymous said...

I take a long week-end off and what happened? We were at the amusement park, Adam was wearing a short sleeve shirt and the usual blue pants, Terry was in shorts. Next strip, we're on a bench somewhere else with Adam wearing a sport coat and Terry in a pants suit and no stuffed dog. Let's do the time warp, again!