Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mary Worth 2080

At first I was like, whoa, that's the biggest computer screen I've ever seen, but then I was like, "?"


KitKat said...

In the first panel, the monitor is about half a foot above Terry's head. In the second panel, it's well below her eye level. I guess Terry has an adjustable desk. I have one, but I don't raise and lower it while I sit in my chair. That would be an ergonomic nightmare. Say - maybe that's what provoked Terry's sleepless night. Joe should have drawn a floating head of the monitor.

Anonymous said...

How does a question mark sound on the phone? IRL one would raise the tone of one's voice to ask a question, but just the question mark? What kind of sound does it make?

Nance said...

Lest we all assume that Terry Bryson's Emotional Wrestling Match had a conclusion last night, I'd caution that this is Mary Worth.

Dinner will merely be more of the same back-and-forth Park Benching Dialogue we had eleventy weeks ago.

Terry: Oh, Adam. I just remember how great of a team we were.
Adam: Yes, but I believed in something and had to follow my dream. Now YOU are my dream.
Terry: I want to believe that.

tkraft said...

It's actually a comic strip typo. As you can see in the first panel, Terry is leaning on the shift key with her elbow as she is entering the slash in http:/ which then became the "?"

Shmoopie said...

I'm with Nance - absolutely NOTHING will happen tomorrow or Saturday, and we all know Sunday will feature a big recap of all that NOTHINGNESS. Next week will be consumed with polite banter because, you know, you can't just rush into a SERIOUS discussion without any kind of preamble. So, maybe another week from next Monday we'll hear the conclusion Terry may or may not have reached during her sleepless night (week?).
I have a glimmer of hope though that we'll at least see Terry agonize over which scrunchy she will wear for dinner to the fine establishment on the waterfront. My bet's on purple (along with a purple outfit, purple shoes and purple handbag)!
Also, might chin napkin make an appearance? With "Royale" in the name of the restaurant, one can hope!

meg said...

From the Desk of Mary Worth

To: Comics Kingdom honchos

From: Mary Worth

Subject: Mary Freakin' Worth

cc: Karen Moy and Joe Giella

This compassionate 60-something (ha!) widow has had enough. Week after week of Terry and Adam nattering about their relationship. Week after week of no yours truly, Mary Worth. May I remind you of the name of this strip?
It's M-A-R-Y W-O-R-T-H. Not terrybrysonadammiller. I've carried this strip on my arthritic osteoporosis-riddled shoulders for 80 freakin' years, damn near a century. It's time to get back to featuring me (Mary Worth).

Think back to all the great stories featuring me- who saw Aldo Kelrast off into the abyss?
Who saved Shannon's job, while also climbing every mountain and fording every stream?
Who jumped into the pool at midnight in her nighty-gown just to pull that annoying Olive and her tummy brain out? Who warned her oh-so-smarmy and neglectful parents that Dr. Kapuht was a drug-addled criminal? I'll tell you who-Mary Worth! If I had been on the Losta del Mare with Wilbur and Dawn (another non-MW-centric mistake of a plot), that ship would have never gone down!

And as for the Hanna-Sean plot, even though I was the brains behind the whole thing, think of all the misleading plot devices. Didn't you think that Hanna was actually going to run down someone in the parking lot? Didn't you think that Hanna's daughter was going to be arrested for her dating career (you know what I mean, but I'm too gently-bred to say it)? And didn't you think that I (MW) was going to be forced to tell Hanna that that little troll Gordy needed to be medicated? No, just a lot of red herrings!

And speaking of red herrings, do you still believe that Adam is going to be revealed as an insane stalker? Or that Congressman Dawgie McDugel will have a scene where he explains how Adam had to take a bullet for him? Or that McDugel will be revealed as the Senator Joseph McCarthy of our time? No, no,no- those would be interesting, and if there's one thing Mary Worth (the strip, not me, silly) is not, is interesting.

And what about the random characters who show so much promise, like angry avocado Aggie, who failed to take Pax Wellness Resort to the Human Rights Court in the Hague?
Or Marie Benedetto, who never brought her brother Tony to sing at the Charterstone pool party? Or Elinor Kinley, who didn't do everything she could to break up her daughter's marriage? And I'm still waiting for Mr. Allora/Alora to be harassed by the INS (after being reported by Ian Cameron whose citizenship is also in doubt). And when will Toby's alcoholism produce some cringe-worthy scenes?

And futhermore, laalalblahblahbobloblawbbmlwlieo....

A note from Mary's nurse at the Santa Royale Home for Retired Gentlewomen:

Mary Worth is not well and will have no further comments.

Pat P. said...

Adam was about to say that ? and the Mysterians are playing at the Marina Royale "Sixties Flashback Aging Boomers Mixer" when he was interrupted by Terry. I'll be shedding 96 tears daily until this storyline mercifully ends.

fauxprof said...

We're all burying the lead, here. There is actually serious competition for the Bum Boat. The Marina Royale sounds seriously upscale. I'll bet they serve salmon mousse on real China instead of Chinet paper plates, and decorate with far fewer Bigmouth Billy Bass plaques.

Carlye said...

I have to say, the only reason to read Mary Worth is so that you can read Meg's comments in this blog.

Toby Cameron, everyone's favorite said...

@meg: I enjoyed Mary's memo, but my heart is all aflutter now that Mary Worth has used the word "freakin'"!

Also, I can't believe that Mary would suggest that I am an alcoholic!!! To that, I have but one thing to say ... "?"

meg said...

Of course Mary Worth says freakin'. Her own dear mother, Big Sadie, always used that term instead of the unspeakably more vulgar word used by the loggers at the lumber camp. (Big Sadie was the cook, and little Mary used to sing and dance for the lumberjacks during the dinner hour.)

Anonymous said...

That is a strange office. They have 42 inch monitors,
yet use Western Union Telex keypads from the 1960's!
And those strange objects on the shelf....books!

Reginathenydiva said...

Meg, you never fail to make me squirt water out of my nose whenever I read your comments.