Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mary Worth 2098

To coffee!... To muggers!... To canes!
To congress!... To bullets!... To aim!
To Teflon!... To stalkers!... to skunks!
To secrets!... To service!... To bunk!

Did I forget anything? Oh, yes:

Happy 7-Eleven Day, everyone! Go get your free Slurpees. Hear! Hear!

Today's strip


Yahoonski said...

To the colorist who's made it impossible to tell who owns the deformity Adam's resting his left hand on!

tkraft said...

This is when Hanna and Sean should appear and say, "You look so happy! We've got an idea to help you avoid the stress and hoopla of a big ceremony"

Hurry Terry and Adam! The "Serving Next" counter at the courthouse is only on 158 right now!

KitKat said...

To Werner Klemperer, who played Colonel Klink (on Hogan's Heroes)!

Terry's night ensemble is a lot less revealing compared to that dress she wore to dinner. Maybe she'll add a matching nightcap when she and Adam tie the knot.

Did Adam use his cane to loosen his tie?

True Standish said...


Eev from Italy said...

Wow, They even got matching mugs that each spell half of the word KLINK!

Anonymous said...

Two unanswered questions from this story line:

1. Since when did Congressmen get Secret Service protection?

2. How does one get shot in the leg "taking a bullet" for someone? I mean, that had to be the lamest assassination attempt ever, if the assassin was trying to shoot the Congressman in the leg.