Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mary Worth 2105

"Your advice to have a Trial Period was perfect. It slowed things down, and gave me a chance to explore my true feelings over four casual dates before flinging open every door and saying yes with every part of me. So we're picking out rings, but you're the real gem. Ha ha ha ha ha. See what I did there?"

Today's strip


smooth said...

I see Mary looks quite shocked. She's a gem? That's it?

No pool party, speeches, awards ceremony, or green sludge dinner to sing her praises?

I see, too, that Adam sure manages to move fast when he wants to get away.

Nance said...

"Thanks, Mary! I wasn't sure at all while Adam and I were Just Dating, but in an emotionally charged situation when my adrenaline surged, I was ready to say Yes to anything. Luckily, Adam was smart enough to capitalize on that weak moment and hold me to it."

That's Love.

kathyo said...

Cue Jill Black--wedding planner!!(And the only person who can save this story arc.)

Yahoonski said...

Wanders and all you little Wanderlings have provided literal LOLs today. Thank you!