Monday, July 27, 2015

Mary Worth 2110

Hey, here's a fresh story idea. A single man, no, a widow! Or a widower! ... Moves into Charterstone, or Sommerset, no Charterstone! And meets a single women, or a widower. No, a widow, and they explore their feelings on a park bench and fall in love and get married. It sounds very promising and will no doubt have lots of surprises.

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Captain Obvious said...

Rules of Chartstone.
Sell your car.
If you don't sell your car, stay clear of Ian "Road Rage" Cameron.
If you can't stay clear of Ian, move to Somerset and live with Sean and Hanna.

KitKat said...

Panel 1: The role of Hilton Berkes is played by the late Jerry Orbach, doing his Richard Nixon impression.

Questions: 1. What is a university "director"? 2. Why is Ian's sport jacket made of grass? 3. Since Ian says "my wife Toby" rather than "my wife, Toby" this indicates he has another wife. THAT'S the story line we'd rather have.

r u ok? said...

I would like to see Ian take "The Director" on a hot air balloon ride this week.

LouiseF said...

Possible answers to KitKat's questions: University "Director"=New Guy in charge of Food Service. Ian's sport jacket is a metaphor, representing the fresh start the new Director is seeking. No comma regarding Toby because there is a serious shortage of commas in the Worthiverse, which would also maybe make an interesting story line. ..

Nance said...

@KitKat--So in love with you right now for your Astute Punctuation Observation. XOXOXO

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

I sure hope that Terry and Adam got out of the water. They were beginning to pucker. Why is the word CONDOMINIUM in bold letters?

meg said...

Brooks Brothers proudly presents the Ian, a blazer especially designed for men who need distraction from their itchy chinbeards. The Ian features a thickly contructed collar which is guaranteed to inflame the back of the wearer's neck, and the cuff portion will make the wearer's wrists raw and weeping.

Made of 100% AstroTurf (registered tm Monsanto), and available in traditional evergreen and pine paisley pattern. Sizes 48 portly to 62 extra stout.

fauxprof said...

I was really hoping for a pool party, but considering that the pool will have to be drained and decontaminated after a week or more of Adam/Terry shenanigans, a pool party is a non-starter.

Universities have Presidents. The heads of the various Colleges that make up the University are called Deans. A director might be in charge of a non-academic department, but he or she would probably report to a vice-president. So maybe this guy is in charge of food service or buildings and grounds. But maybe they do things differently in Santa Royale. I'm only going on 35 years of experience.

KitKat said...

Hilton Berkes must be the man of a thousand faces because he looks completely different in the four panels he's appeared in.