Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mary Worth 2121

It was difficult for me to decide which brilliant panel to feature on this morning's blog, but I went with "My Work is Important Too" because making little concrete nicknacks is every bit as important as educating college students. Plus, you have the imaginary scenescape as envisioned by a true artist. So, there's a lot going on, and it is every bit as worth savoring as rotisserie chicken under a plastic dome. I think the New University Director is going to be so struck by Toby's art that he will commission her to make a massive sculpture for University campus. It will be called "Clown on Stallion."

Today's full strip


KitKat said...

First panel: Wasn't Toby driving home yesterday? Did she return to the store because she forgot something, perhaps paying?

Second panel: Toby's yellow hair cascading behind Rearing Horse looks like a golden waterfall amidst all the gray. So arresting! I do wonder what the center animal is - a mutant giraffe? Toby is a true artiste.

Nance said...

Stellar commentary today, Wanders. Absolutely stellar.

I am captivated by the Mirthful Predators In The Foreground, myself.

Also, is she at the Little House on the Prairie General Store checkout counter? For a store with such an impressive Bagel display, their cashier area is awfully primitive.

fauxprof said...

Panel one: one rotisserie Cornish game hen won't go very far among three people.

Panel two: the herbivores gang up on the predators from behind.

Captain Obvious said...

C'mon Toby. University Director Berkes has two boots to be licked. You and Ian together can get the job in half the time.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Can it be that Toby's hostility is solely the result of an unexpected dinner guest? No, that would be irrational and KM never writes irratioinal. We must have missed Ian's most recent call that Hilton would be moving in with them for a month before he finds his own place.

tkraft said...

The authors of MW are fine tuning their craft: The Hanna Dingdon plot represented real time months over months. Terry and Adam's plot was a couple of weeks action stretched over months in the paper. Now G&M have reached their zenith, the scintillating apogee of their craft! The 24 hours of the dinner will proceed at a snail's pace, the strips lasting a month or more. It's like Mary Worth's "24"! Wilbur and Dawn's next plot line is waiting in the wings, ready to step out Halloween '15! Boo!

birdie said...

Just as Ian is about to slice up that chicken, Terry and Adam will come rushing in and, with clever martial-arts moves that have never been seen before, they will open it up and remove... a blue carbuncle! In trying to figure out how it got there, Toby will have to admit that she bought the chicken at Food Team.

Boss-man will be especially astounded because he is the one who stole the blue carbuncle and passed it on to one of his minions, Lootsie, a Food Team employee who was supposed to set aside the chicken in which it was hidden for a special customer. Lootsie has been his fence for years, but they just shifted jobs around, so that Lootsie is suddenly no longer working in the EL department, and could not reserve that chicken.

Mary will save the day by replacing the smashed chicken with Salmon squares.

heydave said...

Sadly, this "plot" does open the door to Mary, meddling her way right into things with her homemade fish squares, or something similar.

heydave said...

I am seriously stuck on that "EL" sign.

Food Hell?