Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mary Worth 2118

I don't know, Toby. In the course of this one annoying telephone call, you've managed to finish sculpting your horse. I think you'll be fine. And Ian will have a new friend at Charterstone, so think how great that will be.

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fauxprof said...

Well, Ian, aren't you the groveling suckup? Been there, seen that, happens all too frequently in academia, and in corporate America, too, Oi would guess. Really, asking him to lunch in the Faculty Dining Room would have been a better first move, but that would preclude the immediate involvement of Toby (and Mary).

Yahoonski said...

I thought, to my great disgust, that she had already capitulated to Ian's inconsiderate and ill-conceived demands, but now she's pushing back again. Or is this just post-surrender whining? Come on, Toby, there's still time to JUST SAY NO!
By the way, Ian sure talks like a professor. I mean if there's a human being anywhere who could actually utter a sentence like that, he or she would likely be a professor, amiright?

KitKat said...

Ian's always been insufferable. Now that his toadying is on display, he's even more unlikable. BTW, do we know what courses he teaches? "Principles of Male Chauvinism" springs to mind, but KM would probably say something like "Scottish Highland History."

All of Ian's books were sculpted by Toby.

meg said...

Ian's assignments for his students in Scottish Highland History:

Does tartan make a man's butt look big? Discuss, compare and contrast.

Whisky or whiskey? Present a case for and against each spelling. (and then present the prof with a case of each, Old Chinbeard 10yr preferred)

Sean Connery or Daniel Craig? This will account for 80% of your grade, so don't get it wrong.

LouiseF said...

Here's to comments in the "Make Coffee Come Out My Nose" category. . .Great job, meg, KitKat, and Yahoonski.

r u ok? said...

How to make further progress with your friendship - a man's guide:
1) Assume that a very brief conversation means that your acquaintance is now your "friend" and act accordingly, 2) Ask questions which makes your new "friend" talk about his dead wife (or other awkward subjects), 3)Invite your new "friend" over for dinner without checking in with your wife first, 4) Argue with your wife to ensure that she will be in the most cordial and hospitable mood to host your new "friend" (make sure you don't compromise or apologize), 5) Kiss up, 6) Kiss up, 7) Kiss up. You have now made a new BFF. What planet is Ian living on again?

Sandi Ego said...

I'm just relieved that the horse's mane no longer extends all the way down its back.