Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mary Worth 2149

"I can't yet, Mary. He threw the money card at me. Unforgivable."

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tkraft said...

Mary: "Okay, but Toby...please consider it...I'm giving you 15 seconds...." I also love Mary's translucent door. It's likely a sly tribute to Orson Welles on the 1937 anniversary today of his radio drama with the famous byline, "Only the Shadow Knows".

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary's passive-aggressive comment of the day:
"There, there, dear. I know you can't bear talking to Ian or seeing him right now, but please consider it. I'll just open the door and let him in. We'll just chat together, the three of us, for a few minutes or a few hours ... Just think about it, and I'll turn Ian away for now ... Oh, hello, Ian! Come on in!"

DWET said...

For the record, I checked on what was really said—the official Mary Worth website (link to the right on this page) goes all the way back to 1996! YESSSS!—and really, Toby was much more obnoxious than Ian. On August 28th, she actually “threw the money card” at herself! (I am still Toby Cameron’s biggest fan, though!)

Toby: Don’t you realize how important this gallery show is to me? You were late tonight!
Ian: It’s a group show! Not a solo one!
Toby: That’s not the point! This is an elite group of artists! I could have used your support!
Ian: I had to attend Hilton’s lecture! It couldn’t be helped!

Toby: First dropping a guest on us without consulting me first! Then showing up late for my event!
Ian: You sound like I committed a crime! I did what I had to do to help me keep my job! What’s wrong with that?
Toby: Everything! ... When you didn’t consider me!

Toby: You displayed pompous, boorish behavior when you didn’t consider or factor in my needs!
Ian: If you left your studio every once in a while ... you’d realize I’m the main breadwinner in our relationship! What I do for work, I do for both of us! And did you just call me a pompous boor?
Toby: If the name fits ...!

Ian: When I spend time with Hilton ... I make sacrifices for both of us!
Toby: Because you make the real money in the relationship ... huh?
Ian: Yes! The truth hurts ... doesn’t it?
Toby: Oh! That is it!

Petunia said...

Ack. Grow UP, Toby!

Anonymous said...

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