Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mary Worth 2146

Wait a minute, Mary. I thought you said you weren't going to lie to Ian.

Happy Aldo Day everyone!

Today's full strip


Nance said...

Thanks, Wanders. Talk about Famous Last Words!

RE: Today's strip--Ian is such a charmer. A Snark Charmer, that is. (Sigh. Sorry.)

tkraft said...

Yes, Wanders, we all appreciate the reminder about remembering the Big Day! I think it's very important for all our great blog readers to be especially careful out there today. For example, driving to work, you never know when---OH NO! AHHH!....

KitKat said...

Thanks for the memories, Wanders. Aldo may have stalked Mary, but he wore his seat belt to the end.

To prepare for her confrontation with Ian, Mary whipped off her apron before answering the phone. "Toby has MANY friends ... there's the Nigerian prince who e-mails her all the time, and the lovely person who sells Ray-Ban sunglasses, also via e-mail...."

Chester the Dog said...

Ian, save your cell phone "Jitterbug" minutes and walk over to Marys apartment and knock on the door!

Yahoonski said...

I love the way Mary's suddenly gone all Clintonian about the potential open-endedness of the phrase "with a friend" just as Ian, previously clueless as to Toby's whereabouts, is suddenly so certain that he's willing to rudely dismiss Mary's pathetic attempt to overstate Toby's friend count, no doubt based on her Facebook page, where a local modeling clay supplier and a takeout vendor have grudgingly friended her.

meg said...

What did you think when you threw the money card?
That I'd stand up and walk out on you?
Just shut your fat trap and I'll give you a clue,
It's not me, it's definitely YOU.
Oh, I'll get by with a little help from my friend,
I'll get drunk with a little help from my friend,
I'll mold clay with a little help from my friend.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary's passive-aggressive comment of the day:
"There, there, dear. Toby has many friends! Unlike you, however, she doesn't neglect her spouse and take her spouse for granted just so that she can spend more time with her friends. ... What's that? Hilton Berkes is only your boss? Not your friend? Well, then, I guess Toby has one more friend than you have! Harumph!" CLICK!

lee woo said...
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NotARobot said...

Either this argument was the last straw to many other grievances or Toby has the emotional maturity of a 13 year old. Regardless, this plot is just silly. But what meddling potential for Mary! She must be spastic with delight!!

KitKat said...


The neckline of Toby's garment seems to change at will - sweetheart (with cleavage) yesterday, square (no cleavage) today. Perhaps it adjusts with her emotions.

I hope we get to see Mary reach way up to that oven, which is as high as the cupboards.

If Toby wants space to think things through, getting out of her own building would be advisable.

fauxprof said...

You've got to admire Ian's deductive skills. He finally figured out that Mary is Toby's only friend, and coupled with the fact that Toby's car is still in its designated parking space....well, he's a real Sherlock Holmes, our Ian.

birdie said...

Don't you think of knocking on my door, Ian! Toby needs space, and we've planned an evening of girl time. First, she's teaching me some cool dance moves, and then I'm going to show her how to do her hair so that the ends are neatly tucked back into her scalp.

We intend to spend the whole evening giggling and singing "I gonna wash that man right out of my hair."

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Mary's passive-aggressive comment of the day:
"There, there, dear. Toby doesn't want to talk to you, Ian! I'm sorry! She wants some space to think things through! And you know she's not the sharpest tool in the shed, so it might take a while ... a long while! And speaking of space, you could use Toby's absence to go on a diet. I have a great recipe for fat-free chicken salad appetizers and another one for vegetable terrine! And don't forget the crunchy kelk for fiber! Oh, and by the way, could you drop off Toby's box of Splak! tonight? She'll want to have that in the morning. No need to come in. You can just leave it in front of my locked front door and skedaddle back to your moping at YOUR apartment!"