Friday, October 2, 2015

Mary Worth 2153

And then Ian said, "Just like you were wrong to imply that YOUR needs take precedence over MINE. So we were BOTH wrong."

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Yahoonski said...

Well, now that you put it that way...NO!

KitKat said...

If Toby says, "Yes, Ian, I forgive you!" and the scene fades to black with an embrace, I am going to be so bummed.

Holy moly, the colorist used all the crayons today: Toby's purple short set, Ian's AstroTurf jacket and beige pants, yellow sofa with salmon and black toss pillows, pink drapes, and a plaid lamp. My eyes, ouch!!

Nance said...

Ian: a bunch of unromantic pretentious words
Toby: Oh, Ian. I accept your heartfelt apology. Let's go home.
Readers: Hm. So that happened.
Hilton Berkes: I'm outta here, I guess.

meg said...

And now, for the latest inductee into the Worthiverse Hall of Fame Characters who Seemeed Somewhat Interesting and Promising but were Never Seen Again, the King of One and Done- Come on Down, Director Hilton Berkes!

HB: Thanks a lot, Monty, I'm just doing it for the kids and the faculty at your little university. For example, take Professor Ian Cameron -please! He don't get no respect! Hahaha, I got a million of 'em! And Mrs. Cameron- she can come over and mold my old gray clay anytime! But seriously, folks, it's been great, but I'm leaving next week to fill the Don Rickles Chair at Donald Trump University in beautiful Atlantic City...see ya' in the funny papers! Ooof! Ian, no, stop, get him off of me, someone, please!

LouiseF said...

Well... Toby hasn't yet said she forgives him. Maybe we can drag this out for another week.

KitKat said...

@meg at 11:48 a.m., I nearly choked on the plum I was eating when I read, "And Mrs. Cameron- she can come over and mold my old gray clay anytime!" Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Petunia said...

This is far too quick a resolution to this storyline, and Ian has totally caved to his needy wife who doesn't actually do anything but drink. Something unexpected has to happen.