Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mary Worth 2155

Please don't let my wife read today's strip. For this reason, I'm not going to link to it today.


Yahoonski said...

Ian's hair at first just ghostly has turned a grayer shade of pale today. His coat, however, is the same ridiculous green.

KitKat said...

Ian is awfully dense. "What, you have to think about US to decide about our relationship, and what you want to do? Why?"

Toby is no better, yammering about "her needs." Maybe she needs to review the trophy-wife pre-nup she signed when she married the Jolly Green Chinbeard. What, there was no such agreement?

LouiseF said...

Annoyed Observation #64: The more introspective and connected (or maybe just threatened with being rejected) to others a character becomes (i.e. Ian), the more handsome or beautiful they are illustrated....Nice if that were true in real life.

meg said...

Holmes: Watson, have you reviewed my monograph on disappearing mustaches?

Watson: No, Holmes, I haven't gotten round to it yet, but it's on my Kindle ( and I'm sure you're about to fill me in on it).

Holmes: I would refer you to the curious case of Dr. Kapuht. In one panel, he had a fine and luxuriant 'stache, but it was never seen again, and indeed, it was removed from the original illustration.

Watson: Yeah, so?

Holmes: Please examine the "buy a print" section of today's seattlepi comics section.

Watson: By Jove, Holmes! You're right; it's happened again. What do you think it means?

Holmes: Dunno, just sayin'.

fauxprof said...

OK, Meg. Made me look.

Let's imagine Meg's dialogue through successive movie and TV Holmeses. Rathbone, Brett, Downey, Cumberbatch. (Since my favourite cat, who lived twenty years, bless his furry heart, was named Razzle Bathbone, you can guess where I stand....although Cumberbatch is quite yummy.)

Anonymous said...

Wanders, if your wife does happen upon today's installment and gets testy that you've now revealed to us, for some unfathomable reason, the fact that you are an inadequate, non-supportive husband, I'm sure we'd all love to see you, from whatever witness protection program you end up in, sporting an Ian WeirdBeard....

Nance said...

What, exactly, are Toby's needs? Unbroken studio time for her Art and not to be Imposed Upon Without Notice, I guess.

Did she ever say?

Petunia said...

Her needs are a 55-gallon drum of vodka and 100 pounds of grey clay for her little figurines. Get with the program, Ian.

Her other need is for Mary to kick her out.