Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mary Worth 2174

As I said in Monday's secret message, a life debt can be a terrible imposition.

And as a reminder, if you're on a computer, you can hover your cursor over each image to receive your free secret message. Just one of the many services we offer here at Mary Worth and Me!

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fauxprof said...

While waiting for Mary to finalize her travel arrangements (it isn't easy finding a plane with big square windows) let us contemplate the grey objects on her bookshelf. Is that

A.) a small crock of Vermont maple syrup?
B.) a small jug of Kentucky moonshine?
C.) a small vial of deadly poison?

Show your work.

KitKat said...

D.) urn with the ashes of the late Jack Worth; the numerous cracks were sustained in the big Santa Royale Earthquake of 1931.

Even conceding that Ed and Evy Taylor are not the brightest bulbs on the chandelier, KM's excruciatingly awkward dialogue for Ed ("We fully support your friendship!" "Olive will be happy about your arrival!") makes him sound like an automaton. Mary's mind-control evil powers defy geographical distance.

Toots McGee said...

"Olive will be happy about your arrival! She has already relocated her hamster cage to the other side of her bedroom and put fresh linens on her trundle bed. You and she will have a grand time. Oh, by the way, Evy and I have been invited to present at The Medical Emergency Room Doctor Conference in St Kitts! Coincidentally, our flight leaves the same day you arrive. We'll leave $20 for incidentals on the kitchen counter!"

Yahoonski said...

I rarely use a cell phone, but when I do I find it impossible to hold it up to my ear without deploying my thumb along or across one of the long edges. Mary and company apparently have the Velcro models which conveniently stick to their hairy palms.

Petunia said...

Ooh, beware of the open invitation! My closest friend made the mistake of not making it clear to a clueless mutual friend that she needed to run arrival and departure dates by her ahead of time, and ended up with a "thing that wouldn't leave" houseguest for six weeks, including Christmas. And now mutual friend is talking about joint bank accounts....