Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mary Worth 2196

I am thankful for today's classic dialog. The fact that Mary is in New York City for the sole purpose of spending time with Olive, and even living with her, makes today's Moyisms even more Moyish than usual. I love that they are actually already on a local outing when she asks. I am excited by the vagueness of the number of weekends Mary plans to stay, and the suggestion that Mary plans to spend every moment Olive is out of school on the town with her.

Just for fun, I ran Mary's sentence through Google Translate a few times and then back into English, and it came up with, "Olive, what should we do for fun while I'm visiting you?"

Two years ago, on Thanksgiving, Mary was also in New York City, enjoying her post-mugging lunch:

It reminds me that I never reported on my experience in our local community production of Footloose. I'll just say, it was a defining role for me, and truthfully, the time of my life. So glad I let my neighbor convince me to audition, even though I hadn't done anything like it for 18 years. Now I can't wait to do it again!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


KitKat said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Wanders! This blog is a gift to all of us in the Worthiverse, and I am so grateful. It's good to hear that your return to musical theater was successful. Maybe some day you will even share the stage with Broadway Legend Ken Kensington!

After school and on weekends?! Mary really is in it for the long haul. And,! on the subject of long, this must be the longest day ever, and it's still daylight (and summer, it appears)! I guess it's not Thanksgiving, though. Too bad, I was hoping we'd see the Mary Worth balloon in the Macy's parade, powered solely by Mary's endless supply of hot air.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Yahoonski said...

Ditto what KitKat said, Wanders. I had wanted to tell you to break a leg but feared it might stir up unpleasant memories for Fauxprof, who is by now, I hope, totally healed and beyond such.

As for today's Moyisms, I like to read them out loud and shout the parts in bold. Who could resist an invitation to JOIN ME FOR LOCAL OUTINGS?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. May Mary stay away from your tables today.

fauxprof said...

@Yahoonski, all healed, thanks for the kind thought. And thanks to Wanders and all the Worthiverse family for all the laughs we've shared.

From what century does Mary get her conversational style? "Dear Girl" would have sounded stodgy even in the 1860s. (I can't even imagine Aunt March addressing Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy that way.)

NotARobot said...

Here's a delusion worthy of Olive's unique "talents": maybe we'll be lucky and there will be a "meantime back in Santa Royale" coming with the present storyline happening in the background out of sight. Wouldn't it be nice to be spared all the "LOCAL OUTINGS" while a plot less weird/disturbing/insipid with more tolerable characters unfolded for us. Wouldn't it be most unlikely...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

r u ok? said...

Happy Thanksgiving Wanders and all the others on this site. Hope everyone has pleasant local outings during the holidays.

Toots McGee said...

So, we're not dancing around it anymore. Mary feels that Ed and Evy are terrible, neglectful parents who do not recognize Olive's gifts. Mary is straight up staging a parenting intervention, albeit in a passive aggressive way. Mary has assumed that the Taylor's had absolutely no plans to spend any time together on Olive's holiday break, so she planted herself in the Taylor's home for an open-ended visit in which she will organize a fun tour of New York.

This is pure, undistilled Mary Worth right here! Thank you Karen and Joe for this bounty you have bestowed upon us!

Also, thank you Wanders, for your unyielding fandom and gracious hosting.

While I'm at it, thank your King Features for keeping Mary Worth going.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, Wanders! Very thankful for this blog and its contributors. MW&M never fails to lift my spirits even on those days without the prospect of a LOCAL OUTING.