Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mary Worth 2221

Let's resolve to develop a plot in 2016. Olive, you used to be fun, with the flower fairies, guardian angels, midnight drownings and heroin addicted surgeons. Now it's just one big sanctimonious stroll around Manhattan. I'm glad you're both enjoying your time together, but I'm about ready to see what's going on at Apartment 3-G. I'm sure it is more exciting than this.

Today's full strip


richardmoderate said...

NOTHINGS happening at 3G-Frank put down his crayon back in November-and Maggie Shulock is devoting all her "skill" to 6 chicks-the joint's gone condo and they've all moved on ( Margo has been moving on for a solid month now-frozen in time-waiting for that girl to come back with her buttered roll) HAPPY NEW YEAR

Delilah said...

Poor Olive, she must’ve misplaced her nose today.

fauxprof said...

By all the principles of creative writing, there should be a startling plot development coming. Something exciting, life-changing, maybe even tragic? Nah, who am I kidding. Mary will board a plane with big square windows, accompanied by Olive's floating head. The thought balloon will state "I hope my little friend will be happy", and we're off to a new episode, hopefully including a pool party and Dawn Weston.

(BTW, check out the Vintage section of King Comics online for Apartment 3G from the sixties. The artwork is scrumptious!)

KitKat said...

Mary contemplates possible answers to Olive's question:

1. "I'll wait until it comes true. Then you'll know, Olive!"

2. "I resolve to be even more wonderful than I was this year. It won't be easy, but I owe it to humankind to try my darnedest!"

R u ok? said...

Maybe we could have another comic strip crossover - the taxi ride was thrilling. This time Mary and Olive could meet up with Spider-Man but it would probably just end up with them watching some old reruns or infomercials on TV with Peter Parker lounging on the couch.

Maggie said...

If only Mary and Olive would stumble into Margo on the the streets of New York, her body frozen, forever muttering, "So Smile, Margo, and move on" to herself, through creaky, rusted lips, Tin Man-style.

(Margo WOULD be the Tin Man. Lu Ann would obviously be the Scarecrow, and Tommie would be the Cowardly Lion. Professor Aristotle would be Dorothy, just trying to get back to Greece.)

But back to the strip at hand: boy is this exciting! Watching morally invulnerable characters try to reflect on their non-existent weaknesses is riveting.

carlnepa said...

It must be very breezy in the plant-a-torium where they're walking because Mary must check the direction of the wind before proceeding. Wish it were an ill wind, but that's for another strip I suppose.