Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mary Worth 2249

Mary Worth atop the Empire State Building, extols the sites of Santa Royale California. Just clicking the "Around Santa Royale" tag brings up quite a list including these world renowned attractions:

  • Marina Royale
  • City Hall
  • Somerset Condominiums
  • Jerry's Sandwich Shop
  • Food Team
  • Santa Royale Convention Center
  • Local University
  • Luna's
  • Mr. J's
  • The Lemmon Wedge
  • CHH Coffee
  • Diner
  • Spot and Boots Animal Hospital
  • Santa Royale Meadows Park
  • Hombres Stadium
  • Heaven Orchards Resort
  • Lunch Restaurant
  • Salon
  • Santa Royale Shopping Center
  • Maisie's
  • Marcy's
  • Santa Roymart Warehouse
  • La Rosa
  • The Golden Corridor
  • Airport
  • Junction Road Cafe
  • The Bum Boat
  • and Mountview Hospital -- oh, wait, Olive's been there.


Yahoonski said...

Wanders: I feared yesterday that you were speaking too soon when you alluded to this story coming to a close.

fauxprof said...

For the really top notch cultural stuff, you have to go to Goleta. Hey, maybe Olive can get a play date with Emily the kidnap victim. At the rate comic strip kids age, they'd be contemporaries. For example, Dawn Weston still proclaims herself to be a TEEN (her emphasis). She should be about forty-three. (Over to you, DWET.)

KitKat said...

Wanders, you seem to have hit all the hot spots of Santa Royale. I wonder if the hillside with rocks sticking out the ground where Wilbur Weston frolicked with his not-son, Kurt, has a name.

Olive, not only will Mary be your favorite guide, she'll be your ONLY guide. Everyone else will avoid you and your peculiarities like the plague.

Vince said...

Wanders, one place you forgot was the in-town resort where Jeff's daughter and her husband went on their honeymoon. If you'll remember, they decided to hold off on the vacation package the angry drunk woman had given them as a wedding present.

Nance said...

Those New Yorkers are really committed to Pastels this winter.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

As far as Santa Royale hot spots go, wasn't there a scary women's shelter where Mary dropped of the drunken, ornamental swan-breaking, obnoxious house guest after her bad behavior? (I'm too lazy to look it up right now.) Well, that would be no place for Olive, I guess, although it would be instructive ...

@fauxprof: Thanks for the shout-out, but I'm not going to take the bait. All I'll say is that my twin sister likes to think of herself as younger than she really is. She came out of the womb first, so she's older than I am, but you know how there is a disconnect between Worthiverse time and real-life time, so who really knows how much older she is? I'm also (probably) of legal drinking age, as I love sipping margaritas poolside with Mary--today, I'm making do with Elinor Kinley and Terry Bryson as companions--so I have either a regular ID or, if not, a fake one. ... shh, it's just our secret!

Anyhoo ... the comment I came her to post is.... What? Olive? What do you mean that Mary will be your favorite tour guide? Do you mean to imply that there will be OTHERS??? GASP! Mary's head is going to explode! (And John Dill is nowhere in sight to clean up!)

Weston said...

Green Suit Man brushes elbows with the ankles of the girl who was so bored by Mary and Olive's conversation that she hanged herself.

Anonymous said...

Weston - first comment in a long time that made me actually laugh out loud. Thank you!

Wanders said...

Vince @9:34, it's there: Heaven Orchards Resort (although some may argue that being located in NORTHERN Santa Royale, it is just a bit too far away for the list. I mean, that's practically in Goleta!)

Carlye said...

Evil Twin -- the obnoxious drunken woman was one of my favorite characters of all time, Rita!