Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mary Worth 2251

Yes, you both see the world as a plaything to be manipulated in your never ending quest for world domination.

We rented the newest James Bond movie, Spectre, last night, and when it was done, my wife and I looked at each other and said, "That's two hours and 40 minutes of our lives we can't reclaim." I only bring it up because throughout the movie I kept thinking this plot is about as compelling as Olive and Mary in New York.


Yahoonski said...

That's not the first poor review of the latest Bond I've heard, which is too bad because I enjoyed the other Daniel Craig installments. Speaking of movies, this story reminds me more and more of Harold and Maude. As I recall, though, Ruth Gordon's character at least changed her clothes now and then.

Nance said...

I hate them both now. A lot. And I hate New York. And the Empire State Building. And talking. And pink and lavender. And that looky-loo thingamajig.


fauxprof said...

Talk about the long goodbye! Let's hope they wrap it up in the Sunday Summary and that Mary will be on a square-windowed plane to Santa Royale by Monday. With or without an Olive floating head.

As to your James Bond review, Wanders, I am digging my heels in to state that there is only one James Bond and that one is Sean Connery, so there. Although I thought that Dame Judi Dench made a great M.

Muscato said...

I truly can't believe that these two are still gadding about the streets of poor New York. Mary's going to need a stay at Pax after all this activity.

As for the Bond, it was definitely eye-candy on the big screen, although too long by nearly a third. Today's filmmakers might usefully take lessons from the studio era, when all but the biggest prestige pictures generally whizzed by in something like 90 minutes (and many were a good deal less).