Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mary Worth 2276

I feel like Mary is about to burst into a show tune. So here's a show tune... just because.


fauxprof said...

Thanks, Wanders. Any day that starts off with Kristin Chenowyth and Idina Menzel is a good one. Now, I really can't imagine Mary and Dawn in "Wicked", so let's go back to "Mame". Mary is about to launch into "Open a New Window".

Nance said...

I was thinking more along the line of a commercial for cologne, deodorant, feminine hygiene, or even MW giving Dawn some outdated Charm School Pointers.

Mary: Why, yes. Dropping one's fine lace hanky a few paces ahead of a young man, for instance.
Dawn: Hanky?
Mary: I have several you can borrow in my linen cabinet. Of course, they carry MY SIGNATURE SCENT. But you can borrow that, too.
Dawn: Huh?
Mary: Now, to strike up a conversation with a group of girls, why not approach them at a favorite hangout? Perhaps a malt shop?
Dawn: A malt--
Mary: I'll even buy the first round! Let me find my change purse!

KitKat said...

Or Mary is about to launch into a commercial:

Dawn: "A bolder personal effort?"

Mary: "Yes, Dawn. I use In-Person Connection, a whole new kind of deodorant/antiperspirant. In-Person Connection keeps you cool and dry in all kinds of bolder personal efforts, like when your gentleman friend continues to suggest making a more formal arrangement with you despite your repeated assertions that you're PERFECTLY HAPPY WITH THE WAY THINGS ARE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!"

Voice-over: "Find In-Person Connection in the Meddler Toiletries aisle at SantaRoymart and Food Team."

Yahoonski said...

Lots of people like to give advice, but only Mary feels comfortable explaining your feelings to you. By the way, when I think of people making a bolder personal effort to connect via electronic media, the first examples that come to mind are Anthony Wiener, Bret Favre, etc.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

Unfortunately, Dawn's "A Bolder Personal Effort" response comes with a question mark. Prepare for a week of explanation and two Sunday recaps.

LouiseF said...

Great comments, everyone!! I am giddy with the possibilities for this actual PLOT!! Dawn appears to have spent the past year+ since we last saw her living under a rock since she seems thorougly perplexed by the notion of a "bolder personal effort". Mary will need to spend the next week explainging this concept to her.

Anonymous said...

In-Person Connecting - Tee Hee!!!

DWET said...

@Anonymous: Wait, are you saying that Mary is suggesting endless tee-hee sessions for Dawn? This "plot" is really heating up!