Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mary Worth 2396

Tommy... language, please.


Chester the Dog said...

This story never ends...SOB!

KitKat said...

When Dr. Leone* fixes Tommy, Tommy's hair will become perky and bouncy, just like Iris's. All of Tommy's stubble will vanish too.

*Dr. Leone and Mary, of course. Mary has to insinuate herself into this resolution somehow. Her advising Iris weeks ago to mother Tommy more can't be her only contribution.

fauxprof said...

The insidious thing about this storyline in the light of the real-world problem is that we see Tommy as an inevitable loser. He's been presented to the audience as a lazy, weak-willed slacker. He's an ex-con incapable of even doing the most menial job or sustaining a relationship; therefore he is totally to blame for his own problems. Now, if KM wanted to represent what can really happen with prescription drug abuse, she could have featured one of the "nice" characters suffering an injury and falling into the trap. It would be much more reflective of what can actually happen if it had been Toby who lifted that heavy box...or Mary herself?

Yahoonski said...

Tommy hasn't even met Dr. Leone yet and already he's calling him names.

Chin Napkin Groupie said...

As I have said before, Moy's primary failure is her inability to write a character worthy of our sympathy. They are simply unlikable.

Anonymous said...

Iris- "What? Are you gonna cry now? Cry, cry for me cry baby! Cry!"

LouiseF said...

A la FauxProf's comment, top five people I'd like to see addicted to painkillers in this strip (in no particular order). Hanna Dingdon, her grandson Geordie, Nola Wolverson, Wilbur Weston, and Ian Cameron. Bet Ian's growing medical marijuana on that green coat of his....

Dave in Parma said...

Maybe Tommy is using words--that could be an acronym.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Tommy: I'm not WORTH all this TROUBLE!
Iris: "Worth"! Yes, that's it! Let's call Mary Worth! She'll have some advice that will solve all our woes!

(Tommy, I told you ... DAWN was the solution to your problems, but you didn't listen to me!)

Anonymous said...

Iris - "Tommy, our insurance doesn't cover this treatment. We'll need to make some changes."

Tommy - "You mean tightening our belt to save some money? I'll try to chip in."

Iris - "No you dummy. You can't even hold onto a job pushing a mop. Reach into the glove box and hand mommy her gun and those pantyhose. Time to make some money."

birdie said...

Fauxprof, you nailed it exactly. In the light of what is happening in the country today, and especially here in Ohio, this kind of easy stereotyping is very dangerous.

KitKat said...

I'll add my name to those who are thanking @fauxprof for her cogent statement - thank you!

Friday's strip: Iris, as much as you want to, you can't make Tommy well. You can support him and educate yourself, but you can't drag him over the finish line, no matter how much you fight.

Anonymous said...

Tommy is such a loser.
- 25 year old parole living with mom on her couch.
- Lazy, does nothing. Never bathes, shaves or changes clothes.
- Failed the postal exam. No one fails the postal exam.
- Wimp is unable to lift a 5 pound box. Who did he think he was, Mr. Allora? Tommy, you are no Mr. Allora.
- Is as pathetic as Matt Damon in School Ties. Tina Baby cringes every time Tommy talks or touches her.
- Needs Vicodin for a pulled muscle. Heaven forbid Tommy ever sprains an ankle.
- Gets addicted to Vicodin in plain sight of Mom and Mary the meddler who know of past issues.
- Got fired from his job pushing a mop at Jerry's because he didn't clean up the accident in the men's room. I checked and it's still there.
- Doctor shopped all over Santa Royale and is so dumb that he thought he wouldn't get caught.
- Takes mom with him into pharmacy to witness the bust. Tommy, what is wrong with you?
- Crying in front of his mom the way he did with his cell mate Bubba.
- Won't date Dawn. Loser Tommy. I'm with DWET that this would make a great story line. They could double with Wilber and Iris.
- Has subjected all of us to several more weeks of this story as we watch him get well from Marys advice.