Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mary Worth 2454


Be careful that you know what you're doing, Wilbur. Once you leave the Worthiverse, you can never go back. Also, there are fewer women in the real world who are inclined to date an overweight comic book character. 


Shmoopie said...

There always seems to be a full moon in the Worthiverse. And today there are two!

fauxprof said...

Almost two weeks breaking up with Iris, maybe another two explaining to long can Amoy keep up this breakneck pace?

Ian Cameron, PhD said...

Oh, snap! The breakup of this dynamic Santa Royale power couple (Wilbis? Ibur?) is the biggest news to hit the pages of Person Magazine in years.

Ways for this to shake out:

* Iris launches a torrid love affair with Jeff Cory, finally tired of decades of faux-platonic Bum Boat banter with Mary
* Iris enrolls in Harlan's class, leading to a shocking Root Vegetable Gardening love triangle
* An unexpected sapphic romance with Toby (or Dawn.. or Mary..) eases the isolation of Iris' autumn years
* Iris gets hooked on Vicodin
* Twelve months of agonizingly slow documentation of their breakup, peppered with distraught emails from Wilbur as he documents Survivor Stories of train derailments from Jersey City

Garnet said...

Today Wilbur looks like Mr. Potato head.

KitKat said...

Wait - DATING? That's what Iris and Wilbur have been doing?! Well, knock me over with a feather!

Anonymous said...

Worst cartoon strip ever - Comic Book Guy