Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mary Worth 2456

I'll agree that a year can feel like an eternity, even when nothing has happened. For instance, one year ago today:

Clearly, there have been changes, but I'm not sure I'd say a lot has happened.


fauxprof said...

I hope Dawn doesn't decide to intervene with Iris. No, she's more likely to visit Mary (in search of food), and Mary will counsel Iris. That's the natural order of the Worthiverse...and, unfortunately, will extend this excuse for a storyline into the New Year.

Nance said...

A lot can happen in a year, but around here, it probably won't.

Chrissy said...

"A year can seem
like an eternity, dear.
A lot can happen
in just one year!"

Wow, Wilbur, you're a poet and don't know it! And thank goodness for that, because otherwise you'd be announcing your plans to travel around the world for a year hitting every poetry slam you can find.

KitKat said...

Something's amiss - not only is there no boldface type again, no one has stated that a year is twelve months.

Let's send Mary back to NYC. She can visit Trump Tower. She might even get a job offer, perhaps Secretary of Meddling Services. I wonder if Pork Chops and Acrobats is still playing.

Chester the Dog said...

Pork Chops and Acrobats now in its second year!

Vince said...

The pots hanging on the wall are on the small side, I would say. Maybe they are just decorations.

KitKat said...

@Vince at 11:45 AM, I think those are measuring cups. Doesn't everyone hang measuring cups on the wall? You need them at hand in case an emergency measuring opportunity presents itself.

Carlye said...

It looks like the measuring cups are hanging over the dish rack. Just in case anyone needs to measure some dish water.

Note that we are so bored at this point, we're discussing kitchen utensils.