Friday, December 23, 2016

Mary Worth 2479

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Antarctica!


meg said...

Working as usual? The only thing I've ever seen Wilbur working at was working his gums over a ham sandwich.

fauxprof said...

I would hope the research stations in Antarctica are alittle less primitive than that. I understand they do have a xcellent wifi, though,

Anonymous said...

Okay, now that the "where's Wilbur" contest is over, do we have any guesses for "why" he's there?

Vince said...

Also, since it is the beginning of summer in the southern hemisphere, why is it dark all the time where Wilbur is working on whatever he is working on?

Anonymous said...

Wilbur specializes in writing about disasters that happened years ago and that no one remembers or cares about. (Costa Concordia, Fukushima) Isn't it obvious that he is writing about Ernest Shackleton.

P.S. Wilbur says the whale blubber sandwich in the commissary is to die for.

KitKat said...

Looks like Wilbur uses the same no-frills e-mail platform that Mary uses for "Ask Wendy." Did he take advantage of the good wifi to order a Christmas gift for Iris? Of course, clueless Wilbur would probably give something like a set of Kinzu knives.

For some time now I've been wondering if Karen Moy is trying to give Mary the bum's rush out of the strip and make it "Iris Beedie Faces Life." A couple of years ago it was Mary being romanced by Ken Kensington. Now Mary's relegated to a bit part while Iris carries on with Boy Toy Zak. What gives, KM?

meg said...

Wilbur is there to report on the extraction (and survival) of former astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Next up: He'll be reporting from the U.K. on the 'heavy colds' that delayed the Queen and Prince Phillip's departure for their Christmas hols. They also survived.

Garnet said...

Whoa. What publication can afford to send Wilbur to Antarctica? It's extremely expensive and difficult to travel there.

Downpuppy said...

Aren't Survivor Stories about people?

People aren't all that common in Antarctica. People with survivor stories about Antarctica are generally academics. Academics are more likely to be found in comfy Universities all over the world. Even in the unlikely event that somebody with a story is still freezing there,

a) It would be easier to call or message them for the story &
b) They would have already spread it, because either they spread it themselves or they know lots of people who are better writers than Ask Wendy

So, no, I have no guess why Wilbur is there.

fauxprof said...

Two sick workers were evacuated in June (Antarctic Winter); Buzz Aldrin was flown out earlier this month. The two workers' names were never released, and Aldrin's story was widely covered. So none of the "survivors" are there to interview. Wilbur, there's no story here!

meg said...

Hootin' Holler Confidential
Snuffy Smith: How l survived a batch of bad moonshine - or wuz it white lightning?

Junior Executive Recovering from Beating by Enraged Boss
In an exclusive interview with Wilbur Weston, Dagwood Bumstead describes his long journey of recovery. The two men bond over sandwiches.

Soldier at Camp Swampy Survives Violent Attack by Drill Sergeant
Beetle Bailey, recovering at the family home of his sister Lois, confesses to Wil Weston, "l thought l was a goner. I saw stars when Sarge's big fist hit my face, and then his dog attacked also."

Zits Star Jeremy Conquers World's Worst Case of Acne with the Help of Rex Morgan, Doctor of Dermatology. Wil Weston reports all the truly ugly details.

Fearless Fosdick survives Cannonball-sized Gunshot Wound, Bravely Describes it as "merely a superficial flesh wound."
Wil Weston reports on Sixty Minutes.

Henry and the Little King locked in the tower and unable to call for help; survived by playing air guitar duets. Did not return Wil's calls requesting an interview

fauxprof said...

@meg for the win!

Yahoonski said...

Hey, I called Antarctica yesterday.