Monday, December 26, 2016

Mary Worth 2482

You may find this hard to believe since I write such a hip-hop-happinin' blog, but I have a little trouble keeping up with the way kids are talking these days. Their slang baffles me. To me, when someone says you're eyes are bright today, it means they suspect you of being one of these:


fauxprof said...

In the second panel, Zak wants to ask Iris a question. Probably something like "I'm getting the band back together. Can I borrow $5000?"

Downpuppy said...

The Totoro t-shirt is a nice touch, but I haven't seen Big Headphones in a long time.

KitKat said...

Being happy has added volume to Iris's hair, too. It's threatening to overwhelm her face, bright eyes and all.

Two questions for Zak to ask spring to mind:

1. "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" (If that pans out, we'll ask Wanders to add the song to the Charterstone Jukebox.)

2. "Can you co-sign on my car loan?"

Nance said...

3. "My parents kicked me out. Can I crash at your place?"

Anonymous said...

The Santa Royale University students and staff are remarkably devoted (devoted to what, I'm not sure)--returning to class the day after Christmas.

Yahoonski said...

Her eyes may look especially bright, but the rest of her face in that panel is a disaster. By the way, Moy has totally glossed over Zak's meeting Tommy. Or is his question going to be "What's up with your kid anyway? Is he like an addict or something?"

Carlye said...

Iris, will you go steady with me?

Anonymous said...

Iris, would you..

- put your finger prints on this gun for me?
- shave my back?
- like to go back to my van?
- send your kid for ice cream so we can be alone?
- review this short Amway presentation I've put together?
- please put your eyes back in?